Dart Zone Pro Mk3 Price and Info Drop!

What a thing to wake up to on Saturday morning! As the October arrival of the Dart Zone Pro Mk3 moves closer, Prime Time Toys has made a post with more pics, critical info, and a price point of $129.99! That’s actually very competitive for a full auto blaster that’s hitting 150fps out of the box. Let’s review all the info from the post!

All The Goodies!

Okay, here’s a list of everything we know the Mk3 has:

  • Up to 150fps on 8 AA batteries (definitely an interesting choice of power)
  • Semiauto or full auto on the flip of a switch
  • Rev trigger and firing trigger
  • Fires both full length and half length darts
  • Comes with a red dot sight, adjustable stock, two magazines, and a mag adapter
  • Said short magazines are cross compatible with Adventure Force Pro/Dart Zone Max blasters
  • Comes with DZP 2.0 darts (new color and head)

Compared To…?

Out of interest, let’s add up the costs of making a┬áblaster of comparative performance at home, just for comparison. Yes, I’m aware there will be variations depending on the blaster used, what tools you already have on hand, if you have access to a 3d printer, etc. There will be some assumptions.

Those parts by themselves put us above $80 (not including shipping); that just gets a semiauto blaster that shoots darts in the same ballpark (if not better, since the Mk3 runs on AAs). Once you get into the extra details (shoot both kinds of darts, select fire, attachments, etc) and include the man-hours needed to make a blaster yourself, $130 becomes very reasonable.

Can’t October Arrive Already?

If you can’t tell, I’m actually excited about getting one of these blasters and putting it to good use. It looks great and sounds amazing, but ultimately we’ll have to see it perform in real life. I’m also interested in what can be modified on the inside. Yes, even with a performance blaster, I want to tinker! I guess I’ll have to wait and see.