Dart Zone Holds…Dart Naming Contest?

Since the community is fond of naming things, it seems Dart Zone wants to play off of that with a naming contest. As per the email:

The Dart Zone community has creatively nicknamed many of our Darts.
We have the Chili Darts, the Bamboo Darts, and the Waffle-tip Darts.

Now YOU have the chance to give the Adventure Force Pro Dart the nickname it deserves and WIN a super-stacked Adventure Force Prize Pack.

Don’t miss out – enter today!
*limited to U.S. only

You can follow this link to enter. However, I agree with some other people that we don’t really need a name for the standard Pro darts. Maybe someone will come up with something catchy…but it feels highly unnecessary. If a name hasn’t organically popped up by now…

  • LordStar

    It’s weird that they say that the “Target” darts are Chili darts even though they already named the darts with the Tomahawk (Red Diamond, so I call them Diamond darts). And there’s no ‘naming collision’ like there is with the Mega XL dart and the old name for the “Zuru Dart” ‘Excel Dart’ (granted, I got a lot of confusion when I call Zuru darts Excels in a foam blaster chat a year ago, so…)