Nuremburg Toy Fair 2023 News!

New York Toy Fair has been moved to the fall, starting with this year. However, other Toy Fairs are still happening, including the one in Nuremburg, Germany! To that end, Blaster Time was kind enough to send along some pictures and info from the fair. Info after the jump!

And be sure to check out the Blaster Time website, especially if you’re in Europe!

Dart Tech Looking to Expand!

I’ve fallen behind on many reviews, one of which is the Dart Tech Neo Blast. However, the brand itself is looking to expand past the shelves of Australia and online at Amazon.

The Hex, which appropriately has six darts in its cylinder, is looking to make an appearance at Walmart this year! And of course, toy producers are always on the lookout for expanding their presence to additional stores. In the case of Dart Tech, that includes bringing transparent blasters to show off! That’s not a guarantee you’ll see them on shelves, though, These are just samples to get retailers interested. Cross your fingers, though!

D-Dart Lives!

Yep, that crazy company with gauntlet blasters is still going! The production and shipping delays of the past few years put product releases behind, but they were at Nuremburg showing new things off.

Last we had checked, they were planning on releasing an Augmented Reality version of the Tempest, complete with a cell phone holder. Well, one was on display here. Good idea? Shot in the dark? Not sure yet. But it exists.

In other news, the two models of Derecho (balls and full length darts) were there for demonstration. These still feature the grip and flywheel housing of the original, but are fed via magazine and made to be semi-auto. More importantly, they appear to be compatible with the Nerf standard in magazines, and feature additional storage at the bottom of the blaster.

These were originally supposed to be at Target in the United States, but the deal fell through. It’s still possible that other retailers might grab them, though.

Happyline Toys Alien Blasters?

Finally, of the booths that were open for viewing (some companies only show things off if you’ve scheduled an appointment), Happyline Toys had some interesting designs. They’ve taken some of their Fast Shots blasters and given them new shells – these have bright colors, goo, various creature-like features, and so on. There’s names like Sonic Flytrap, Alien Angler, and…Tactical Tentacles???

Okay, that’s a little weird. Still, it should be interesting to see which retailers bite.

And of course, newer Fast Shots products like the Rapid Gamma 2, Rapid Bear Claw, and the blue-green “Cyber-Gen” alternate color scheme were on display.