Glow Show Sticker Launcher: Diamond in the Rough

Nerf. Buzz Bee. BOOMco. These and others are established brands that put out new blasters each year, many of them with great performance. Some blasters, however, are completely overshadowed by the big brands. They may be relegated to odd sections of the toy department, or may simply appear and disappear with little fanfare. The Glow Show Sticker Launcher by Moose Toys is one such product. Hiding among either the craft-type or science toys, it has spent over a year on shelves and is now being placed on clearance for as little as $8. Grab one while you can, because these fun blasters pack a punch!

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Nerf MEGA Mastodon Review

The Nerf MEGA Mastodon Review – Bigger IS Better

Edit: While WalcomS7 no longer writes for Blasterhub, we encourage you to view the content on his Youtube channel!

Ever since the Nerf MEGA line was released, things have gotten more interesting in the foam-flinging ecosystem. Big darts with bigger springs and bigger plungers for the biggest performance. The initial launch was rocky with the dart-chewing MEGA Centurion, but now things have finally settled with the line delivering a few promising blasters. With the first fully-automatic flywheel powered behemoth blaster in the line clocking in at $80, could the MEGA Mastodon be worth it? Well, the entire blaster could be summarized in one way: an unforgettable experience.

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Air Warriors Reaper

Air Warriors Reaper Clip-Fed Coming in September

The Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Destiny, Cyclonic, Night Tek… these are all blasters we’ve known about since their introduction at the 2016 North American International Toy Fair in NYC. At the show, Buzz Bee also showed off their line of Walking Dead-inspired blasters, making for a solid 2016 new product line-up. But much to our surprise, it would appear Buzz Bee has even more new products headed for store shelves this fall–and the Air Warriors Reaper is one of them.

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Dart Zone Magnum

40-Round Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum Detailed

Simultaneous to the reveal of the Dart Zone Enforcer that was just announced, Prime Time Toys has also provided us with a detailed look at their new-for-2016 Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum! Our friends at Prime Time tell us they’re already hard at work on the 2017 Dart Zone models, but we appreciate their willingness to share what they have in store for the rest of 2016 in the meantime, beginning with these two, cool new models.

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Dart Zone Enforcer

Full-Auto Dart Zone Enforcer Revealed!

Prime Time Toys has shared with Blaster Hub exclusive details on their all-new Dart Zone Enforcer fully automatic belt-fed blaster, and it’s a beast! Encouraged by the success of their unexpectedly powerful Dart Zone Scorpion, the team at Prime Time Toys has upped their game since their original dollar store-styled models of just a few years ago. Now they’re full-on taking it to the big boys in the category, starting with the Enforcer to lead an all-new, fall ’16 line-up!

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The Magical World Of Hydrographics | From nerf blaster to work of art | Header

Hydrographic Magic: From Nerf Blaster to Work of Art

Nerf modding is about taking an ordinary toy and making it better. Some people do this by improving the performance, while others like to change the appearance through painting or custom body work. I like to play Nerf competitively, so performance mods have always been important to me. But coming from an airsoft background, I like to add some tacticool flair to my blasters. Recently, I set out to build my ultimate, dream blaster. I had a clear idea on performance with plans of a full seal metal artifact breech and higher ROF pump action kit for my trusty Retaliator, but how could I match that with something truly unique in terms of cosmetics? The answer came from my friend Tom at Foam Data Services who had offered to do a dip for me as a favor for helping him out with some customer support on a couple of Rapidstrike customers here in the US.

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