Buzz Bee Air Warriors Recurve Bow Review

Sometimes, the simple things work best, which is especially true of the Buzz Bee Air Warriors Recurve Bow. $10 gets you a pullback blaster with ammo storage and decent performance. It’s not anything that will the local Nerf war. But it is fun to use, and good for the little Legolas in your life.

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Nerfball on Social Media – With Modded Blasters?

This was an interesting thing to see! A short video was put out on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to hype up Nerfball after the initial announcement. In it, we see some gameplay testing, but we also see participants with what are clearly modded Stryfes! Let’s take a peek.

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Nerf Scooter 2.0 Review

My, how time flies! A little over three years ago, we saw the first Nerf Scooter. It was…okay for small kids, but nothing to write home about. Even if it was a fun modding platform. Now, out of nowhere, we have the Nerf Scooter 2.0, and it’s better in virtually every way.

Holds moderate weights? Check. Uses a reliable blaster? Check. Can be aimed wherever you want to point it? Check. It’s clearly a good revision, and given both my war use and the interest of younger kids, it will be a hit.

Note that I’m not using the usual review format for this thing. Let’s go for a “journey of discovery” instead!

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Review

Note: I was sent a free sample (complete with influencer packaging) from Hasbro. Thanks, guys!

After a somewhat surprising announcement a few months ago, the Nerf Pro Gelfire line has finally arrived. Legal drama notwithstanding, having a big name like Nerf on the scene raises awareness of gel ball blasting to a whole new level. The Mythic is compact, feels great, and is easy to use. Unfortunately, though, despite the marketing. it’s really not that innovative, and it’s actually weaker than many other things on the market. It’s still fun to use, and the target audience will enjoy it. But in terms of bang for the buck, there’s certainly better.

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Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72 Review

It’s not an exaggeration to call the Alpha Auto 72 the best Buzz Bee blaster in years. $30 gets you massive capacity, full auto blasting, and a blaster made to be usable for all ages. Combine that with a few nice touches here and there, and you have a blaster that needs to be part of your collection.

NOTE: I initially bought this blaster when it first hit shelves, and later got a free one for review. Thanks, Buzz Bee!

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K’NEX Cyber-X C10 Crossover Legacy Review

More than a few years ago, K’NEX entered the blaster market with the K-FORCE series. These consisted of blaster “cores” around which a blaster body was built, and it saw everything from single-shot pistols to revolvers to a semi-auto, magazine-fed blaster.

While the original line may have died, it’s been rebranded as Cyber-X. The same concepts apply, but perhaps with more focus on the building side of things, they’ll succeed. Because while $60 is very steep for a proprietary Stryfe-like blaster…it’s very reasonable for a 460-piece, motorized building set.

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