Nerf Elite 2.0 Loadout Pack Review

Blaster packs. You usually see them from companies like Xshot. Recently, though, Nerf has gotten into the combo game, starting with Alpha Strike. Now, just in time for Christmas, we have the Loadout Pack from the Elite 2.0 line. One shotgun, one multishot pistol, and a Jolt-type blaster

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Rival Returns: New Blasters and Accu-Rounds Are Coming!

Well, Walmart let the cat out of the bag: Rival isn’t finished yet! After this year’s Curve Shot series, Hasbro is pivoting towards more accurate Rival, with a tweaked round that works in all Rival blasters. Interestingly, they list very specific claims and testing procedures on the back of the box to show the improved accuracy of the rounds. The blasters also come with adjustable sights and “optimized barrels”, whatever that means. I’m sure they’ll have them on display at Toy Fair next year…assuming they don’t make a surprise appearance on shelves early next year. Follow the links and see the blasters! There’s a single shot pistol, a pistol with an eight round internal magazine, and a primary-style blaster with a magazine well, pump grip, and stock.

Nerf Skeet Shot Disc Launcher Review

Long ago (2007), Nerf released the N-Strike Disk Shot, a device that threw targets into the air for dart aficionados. For $50, you got a large base, six targets, an EX-6 Element blaster, and a remote control for firing the discs. It was a fun experience, provided you had an outlet nearby for the AC adapter (as well as high ceilings).

14 years later, Jazwares has made their own version under the Nerf name. The discs are smaller, the base is battery powered, and no remote (or blaster) comes with it. But for $35, you can relive the good old days. And it does the job well!

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Amazon Kronos Repaints Now Available!

On the one hand, this wasn’t a total surprise. Amazon has had exclusive repaints of the Nerf Strongarm, Disruptor, and Hammershot blasters before this. They like waiting a few years after popular blasters have released, and getting new colors to lure in the impulse buys and collectors! Not to mention the lack of Kronos blasters on store shelves currently; new sources of base blasters for mods like the Kronos Mega XL Conversion Kit are appreciated!

In any case, here are the links for the various blasters, in their unique new color schemes. Even if you’re only into stock blasting, the Kronos is by far one of the best sidearms you can find!

Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow Review

Every blaster line has winners and losers. Nerf Minecraft is no different.

The Stormlander, while clearly meant for Minecraft fans, has a certain charm to it, even for those of us who don’t play the video game franchise. The same can’t be said, however, of the Pillager’s Crossbow. It doesn’t look good, it’s more expensive, and it’s awkward in hand. Whatever the merits of the blaster, it just looks and feels like a hunk of plastic that happens to shoot darts. And that’s hard to recommend.

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Nerf Minecraft Stormlander Review

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hasbro was kind enough to send me free samples for review. Thanks, guys!

Out of basically nowhere, Nerf not only announced another license, but also a new line of blasters, available online from Walmart! (I ordered them on Monday, and they arrived yesterday at the same time as the free samples). The blasters are fairly basic to start with (two three-shot blasters, and three Microshots), but they nail the Minecraft feel down.

Today, however, we start with the Stormlander Hammer, an item from the Minecraft: Dungeons game. The Nerf version is a blaster that, instead of lightning, can fire theee darts in quick succession. How much you need it, however, depends entirely on your level of fandom and roleplay interest.

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