Nerf Fortnite GL Review

One of the silliest and most exciting things at Toy Fair this year was the Fortnite GL. Sure, $60 is quite a price to pay for a Nerf blaster. However…it’s a giant missile launcher. It takes the beloved Demolisher rocket ammo type and turns it into a full loadout. Usefulness is questionable at best, but that’s hardly the point. What else allows you to fire six missiles one after the other?

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Woo! Free Stuff!

A big thanks to the people at Zing Toys and Hog Wild for sending boxes with free goodies to try out! I’m sure there’s going to be more things to happen in the future with these.

Also a shoutout for Dart Zone for the free Aeon Pro. Even if I had a friend in Canada send me one early. Just means I can do more testing!


Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Review

The Nerf Ultra series…has had a rough first year, to say the least. The Ultra One had the capacity…but not quite the pinpoint accuracy advertised. The Two had a fun mechanism, but still accuracy issues. The Four and Five were decent springer pistols, and the Three (review pending) is long and awkward.

Now, we have the Pharaoh. It abandons the naming convention, but it also (finally) gives us a removable magazine and another Ultra blaster that cares about the fun factor. After using it in a war, I can say it’s the best Ultra blaster to date. Whether that’s good enough for performance-minded blaster fans, though, is up for debate.

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NOTICE: Projects for Sale Soon!

No pictures to add at the moment, but now that the printers are running, work is going well, and I’m fitting in time to do things, I’ll be making and selling a bunch of blasters. Purpose? Gives me things to do, and all of the proceeds are going to go towards sponsoring events/club stuff in the future.

I know for a fact there’s going to be at least ten Rapid Reds and two Fearless Fires, modded with HvZ velocities in mind unless otherwise noted. Admittedly, it’d be cool to see people using things at events! In any case, now I have to actually attempt proper paintjobs instead of what passes for paint like in the past.