Nerf Cat Catnip Disc Blaster Review

Nerf Dog has been a thing for years now. At last, cats can join in on the fun? Admittedly, this isn’t exactly a flagship product – at $15, it’s relatively cheap, but if you cat is actually active, it might be worth it.

Note that this is a Petco exclusive!

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Nerf Ultra Focus Review

Nerf likes to sell reskinned blasters as exclusives at various stores, and Amazon is no exception. In the case of Ultra, we have a new version of the Amp called the Focus. If you’ve read our previous review, then the basics are all the same. The Focus, however, comes with a larger magazine, a stock with magazine storage, and the new Ultra Accustrike darts. As a package, it’s quite good. And it’s probably the Ultra blaster I’d run consistently in a Humans v Zombies game, should inexpensive Ultra Accustrike ammo ever exist.

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Dart Zone Max Stryker Review

With the wild success of the Adventure Force Nexus Pro (and subsequently the Aeon Pro), it was only a matter of time before Dart Zone had high performance blasters on the shelves of other retailers. Target had previously carried the Dart Zone Pro line on their website. Now, however, they have Dart Zone Max blasters and darts on shelves, starting with the Stryker.

If you’ve used a Nexus Pro, then the Stryker isn’t, well, strikingly different. But a different flavor of a great blaster is still a great thing!

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Nerf Roblox Pulse Laser Review

Adapting video game models to real life is always a challenge. Even more so when the IP involved is famous for being, well, blocky. The Nerf Roblox Pulse Laser is a great example of this. Based off a weapon in the “Arsenal” game within the Roblox experience, it’s been adapted into a semi-auto dart blaster.

It’s not the most ergonomic of blasters for regular use. But if you’re looking for a fun project blaster, then it’s the blaster for you.

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Adventure Force Equalizer Review

Buzz Bee has quite a few blasters appearing at Walmart this fall. As always, Buzz Bee is doing a great job with the sidearms, and the Adventure Force Equalizer is no exception. This year’s replacement for the Wizard/Clash Combat, it aims for a thinner blaster for the same performance and price (two blasters for $10), and succeeds. If you need blasters to holster, or spares to loan at stock wars, this set will equalize the playing field.

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The (OLD) Adventure Force Thundershot Review

EDIT: The review has been altered after a severe issue led to two blasters breaking. Until future runs are fixed, I won’t be rating this above zero – further explanation below.

EDIT 2: The old version, which shouldn’t have hit shelves, has been taken off shelves and replaced. To see the new review, go here!

There’s something about cartoonishly large blasters that makes me happy. In that regard, the Thundershot SHOULD be a standout. Sure, the size means you can’t dual wield them effectively (like you would a Hammershot), but with eight rounds in the cylinder, it has plenty of capacity by itself, all for $10.

Even so, ergonomic and performance issues keep it from being the blaster it could have been. If only those weren’t the only issues…

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Adventure Force Triggerfire Review

Double action blasters aren’t common; the Nerf brand itself has only done it four or five times in its history. So when another major label tries to tackle the subject, it’s worth noting.

These blasters are never going to be the top dog in terms of performance. However, they’re lots of fun, and the Triggerfire is no exception. However, it has what the others don’t: endurance. Assuming your dominant hand is strong enough to keep firing over an extended period of time, it’ll be a great blaster to use. Just be aware of a few quirks…

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