Titan Forge Blasters Nerf Kronos Mega XL Conversion Kit Review

Due to a busy life (work, weekend plans, etc), I simply don’t have as much time for modding as before. However, after having so much fun with Mega XL, I wanted more (and less chunky) options. And this kit clearly fits the bill.

Titan Forge Blasters has designed a kit for converting the Nerf Rival Kronos. Now, you can have a small sidearm that fires Mega XL quite well, up to 80fps. It takes some arm strength to use, of course. But having a small, powerful option for large ammo opens up possibilities. You can even purchase the files for personal use and 3d printing, if you don’t want to order the parts themselves.

Let’s dive in!

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Zuru Xshot Turbo Advance Royale Edition Review

Zuru is making a big push with the Royale Edition blasters, even having their own shelf space in the “Seen on TV” section of Walmart. However, there’s one blaster that isn’t as well advertised. The Turbo Advance (only online at Sam’s Club for now) is already one of Xshot’s better blasters. Now, you can just get a prettier one!

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Dart Zone Holds…Dart Naming Contest?

Since the community is fond of naming things, it seems Dart Zone wants to play off of that with a naming contest. As per the email:

The Dart Zone community has creatively nicknamed many of our Darts.
We have the Chili Darts, the Bamboo Darts, and the Waffle-tip Darts.

Now YOU have the chance to give the Adventure Force Pro Dart the nickname it deserves and WIN a super-stacked Adventure Force Prize Pack.

Don’t miss out – enter today!
*limited to U.S. only

You can follow this link to enter. However, I agree with some other people that we don’t really need a name for the standard Pro darts. Maybe someone will come up with something catchy…but it feels highly unnecessary. If a name hasn’t organically popped up by now…

Zing Air Storm Wrist Bow Review

Author’s note: Thank you so much to Zing Toys for the free samples!

It’s always hard to review and rate things like this, especially when you’re over 30. The Wrist Bow is inherently kid-sized, and sometimes you have to borrow other people’s kids to properly gauge expectations!

Even so, it was easy to see, when I used it, how much fun a pint-sized entry to the Zing family could be!

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Xshot Royale Edition Reflex 6 Review

Xshot introduced the Royale Edition Chaos Blasters back in 2020, with an appearance at Toy Fair – right before the pandemic hit. Even so, it would seem that the idea sold well (and the all-gold blasters in social media promotions certainly helped). Now, we’re seeing the concept extended to dart blasters in the main Excel line, ranging from pistols all the way up to a chain-fed blaster. In my case, I found the Reflex 6 online at Walmart, and just had it delivered to my house.

The blaster doesn’t do anything new. However, it also doesn’t have to. Even if it’s slightly more expensive (for a budget blaster, that is), it’s a solid performer that will serve well in any Nerf war.

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TheToyZone Looking for a Guest Halo Blaster Reviewer?

On the less serious side of running a blog, sometimes I get to pass on little blurbs here and there from companies or media. In this case, a toy review site is looking to pay someone to review some Halo blasters for them! The Bulldog and Mangler, to be specific. Yep, with the video game finally releasing, reviews of these blasters are becoming more relevant.

Now, if you read the terms and such, there are things to be aware of. Like being at least 18, being considered an independent contractor (if selected and accepted) for tax purposes, etc. But there’s always someone out there who wants to try their hand it this, so look things over, and give it a go if you desire!

Link to the Press release PDF here. You have until November 12th to apply!

Nerf Mega XL Big Rig Review

Normally, you’d expect a basic “pistol” in the line to be the starter experience you want for the line. For Mega XL, the Big Rig fills that role. Complete with open packaging to show off the blaster, it hopes to impress you with just how large the barrel is for the ammo you’re firing. And fire it does! But some ergonomic and feel issues keep the Big Rig from being as appealing as other blasters in the line.

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