Zing and Hog Wild Break Out The Bows!

We may not have Toy Fair this year, but several companies are showing off new toys for the year anyway (even if it means just doing Zoom meetings online). Earlier this week, I got a peek at several new things from Zing and Hog Wild Toys. Of those, we have two fun bows coming up…and that’ll just be the start of all the fun they put on shelves in 2021.

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Review Rerun: Adventure Force Water Strike Electro Surge

It’s not often you get a response from companies trying to figure out why things aren’t working, or to send out more samples. That did happen, however, after the initial review for the Electro Surge. I got an email from Boley (the manufacturer), not only asking to send out samples from other stores (in this case, from California), but looking for batch info to help determine what happened. The end result was getting three more blasters in the mail to try out. (I may have also remembered to buy one myself from a completely different state while out and about in the middle of the week)

Admittedly, I have some bias here after the initial negative review. But assuming the suspected lubrication issues are taken care of, the Electro Surge (when operational) is a fun option for $10.

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Game Report: Foam Warriorz Northern Kentucky

Over the weekend, as part of Valentine activities, I brought my fiancee down to the Dillard’s Clearance Center in Cincinnati, to enjoy herself for the afternoon. However, instead of torturing myself for hours, I got to run over to Foam Warriorz NKY to see how business was going even with a pandemic. It appears so far, so good, especially when opening the entire arena space and being attentive to various protocols.

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Nerf Dinosquad Rex Rampage Review

Sure, it’s basically a new Stryfe. But Nerf has really hit things out of the park in terms of style with the Dinosquad line. Using blasters like the Rex Rampage just makes for a fun time. It performs as expected for a stock blaster, and has plenty of personality to boot. And if you tinker, you’ll have even more to love. Really, who doesn’t want a T-Rex spitting darts at their opponents???

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Nerf Ultra Scream Machine Review

If you’ll recall, Hasbro released the Ultra Two at the turn of 2020, making for a fun (and better) introduction of of the Ultra line than the first blaster. Later in the year, they released the Dorado, an Ultra Two with a stock and ammo storage – just not in the United States. However, this year it arrived, just in a new color scheme. The Ultra Scream Machine, a Walmart Exclusive, is at the very least as much fun as the Ultra Two. It also feels more comfortable, thanks to the extended platform. But is it worth the $35 asking price? Maybe. Depends on how much you use Ultra.

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Lots of New 3D Printed Things! V-Twin Cage, Sideswipe Prime, More!

I get easily sidetracked. Fortunately, it’s often by Nerf-related projects. In this case, I have a bunch of new files online for 3d printing. First, the initial version of a Sideswipe top prime handle is live – I do want to tweak it, but it’s workable in the current state.

Also, due to a special request, a cage for the Adventure Fore V-Twin is up, allowing you to mount the barrel rotation motor above the replacement cage. An AF/Dart Zone Scorpion version will arrive soon (and is long overdue – we might like blaster performance, but the spinning barrels are fun!).

While we’re at it, I’ve also put up replacement cages for the Nerf Dinosquad Rex Rampage. I’ve yet to put up the review (don’t worry, it’s good), but obviously I was excited enough to make cages for it.

Site Update: Slowing Down Soon (Because Wedding and Stuff)

Not to fear, there’s plenty more content to post and blasters to review! However, as opposed to the usual acceleration due to Toy Fair and the like, the posts will likely slow down towards the end of February. Among other things, I have a March 20th wedding to plan! A few other things, as well, but that’s the main concern.

Regularly scheduled reviews to return tomorrow!