Nerf Fortnite Pump SG Blaster Review

Sometimes, branded blasters are better at the branding than the blasting. Such is the case with the Nerf Fortnite Pump SG. It looks great, but as a blaster it’s unremarkable. $30 for a large, single-shot Mega blaster is quite nuts, especially when the blaster that originated this platform (the Mega Double Breach) fired two darts and cost $5. For a bit more money, you could find a Fortnite TS (and in some places, it’s on sale) for more capacity, or just skip Mega altogether for a Rival Saturn. It’s just as large, but holds more ammo and is more satisfying.

We’ll look closer, but don’t be too excited unless you’re getting it for the cosplay factor.

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Ultra: Finally Viable, But Is It Too Late?

During the last war, I got to finally have a true Ultra loadout. Granted, it was during the 120fps limit games. Even so, having eight ten round magazines and two six round magazines actually means having enough darts to support yourself during a round. Results were better than expected, since my 2nd Amp shoots straight (the first consistently shoots right), so accuracy wholly depended on the darts and the wind. Which is still somewhat up in the air.

Ultra, how you frustrate me. I love using different ammo types, but you bring so little to the table besides cost! And maybe some screaming darts. Will you get better, or be too late to matter?

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War Report – Maryland Nerf Herders 03/13/21

I’ve been busy with so many wedding related things, but I managed to sneak away this past weekend to treat myself (in place of ye olde bachelor party). After spending Friday driving (and raiding every Ollie’s Bargain Outlet on the way for discounted Vortex ammo), I played with a large and friendly group of people, then came home.

Keep going for some pictures and video but be sure to check out all the photos at the Maryland Nerf Herders Facebook page!

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Mod Project: Replacement Nerf Rival Rechargeable Pack

During a recent search, I found out that not only is the Nerf Rival NiMH pack for the Nemesis/Khaos/Hera no longer in production, but it’s only available at stupidly high prices. As such, a replacement was needed for those who want the benefits, but aren’t worried about modifying their blasters. I can think of several instances, from those simply wanting stock performance without spending on Alkalines to arenas in need of a replacement. As such, I designed a conversion kit for plugging a Sub-C NiMH pack into the blaster. More details down below. (Link to the files HERE on Thingiverse)

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Adventure Force Spectrum (Red) Quick Review

Suffice it to say, the opinions on the Spectrum expressed last year still stand. However, not only has it been released in a new color, but the Spectrum is also $5 cheaper on the shelf. Given just how good it is…it’s worth at least a short post to highlight the occasion.

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