The Mandalorian Gets a Great Nerf Prop!

Looks like a fun (and working) prop is dropping next spring! Preorders go live later today (presumably at Hasbro Pulse).

As detailed in The Verge, this four foot long blaster includes a weathered paint scheme, lights, and sounds. It also can shoot Nerf Elite darts (although I doubt it will have outstanding performance). The price is definitely a sticking point at $120, but as a collector’s item or cosplay prop, it would be great.

And let’s be honest – if I get one for cheap, I’ll definitely use it in a war, regardless of effectiveness!

Dart Zone Cornerfire Review

I’m a little late on reviewing this one, but it’s a fun blaster! The Cornershot is one of the best combinations of gimmick and performance blaster to appear on shelves. The idea of folding blasters isn’t new; the classic Nerf Sneak Shot did it, as did the more recent Nerf Rebelle Cornersight. This, however, is the most effective version of the idea, with a mirrored scope that not only lines up properly, but a blaster that shoots hard enough to hit what you’re aiming at.

It’s a utility that’s not necessarily appearing to hobbyists who only want performance. But kids and casual players will love using it!

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Nerf Alpha Strike Infantry Pack Review

The Alpha Strike line had a rough start; the first blasters on shelves were budget blasters in every sense, to the point that the skeletonized shells bit into users’ hands. Now with proper grips, the Alpha Strike blasters are much more usable. Even so, newer releases like the Infantry Pack are a strange mix. The smaller blasters work best, and the single large blaster with the most plastic is the weak point. It’ll still be fun for little kids, but anyone older will be disappointed.

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Nerf Rival Overwatch B.Va Blaster Review

The B.Va blaster has been an elusive thing to find – at first, a few samples of this presumably cancelled blaster were on Ebay. Then, some of them started appearing at Ross. Now, with pallets of them appearing at closeout stores like Ollie’s, it seems appropriate to finally review one, before they disappear again. Given the price and performance, get one while you can!

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Dart Zone Pro Mk2 Review

It was announced earlier this month, and the reviewer samples are already being sent out (thanks, Dart Zone!). My Mk2 arrived via Fedex yesterday, giving me lots of time to test it, tear it down, and put it together again. And while the $80 price point seemed high at first glance, trying it out in an impromptu backyard war convinced me it was worth the money. Assuming, of course, you’re the type to use compact blasters or keep a secondary on your side.

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Blasterhub Special: Visiting the Lanard Toys Warehouse

Every year, Lanard Toys holds a giant sale at their warehouse in Sugar Creek, MO (a suburb of Kansas City). In past years, I have always been busy with the holidays. This year, however, the sale started early – and when I had some time off work. So I got to do a solo road trip down memory lane, seeing not only NIC blasters of old, but other ones from around the world.

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