Game Report: C.O.N.C. War!

I apologize for the lack of pictures; I was mainly focused on the chance to play (as well as try out my Gameface Prime Blaster). But it was a fun war nearly two weeks ago, and a lovely break from the stresses of moving into a new home. I started playing late, and only had a few games of Team Deathmatch; I also was among the attackers in the Defend the Fort rounds.

Here’s some footage from early in the war, taken by one of the attendees!

Admittedly, I was disappointed at the lack of masks among the attendees. Please take proper precautions, even when you’re out doing fun things!

Gameface Prime Blaster Review

Author’s note: I got this blaster as a free sample for review. Big thanks to Velocity Outdoor!

The Ceda blaster platform has had an…interesting life cycle. The original was a neat concept, but nothing to truly write home about. The Ceda S represented a solid step towards being a platform for high-performance blasting, and its inclusion on Evike (and regular sales) helped push the platform farther.

Now, Velocity Outdoor (which encompasses Crosman, Gameface, and several other brands) is licensing the Ceda S in the form of the Gameface Prime. Combined with a wide distribution network and actual retail store presence, it looks like we now have the definitive version. The Gameface Prime is what the Ceda S should have been all along, and it’s a good jump-in product for a company looking to enter the competitive foam flinging space.

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Adventure Force Spectrum Review

*Author’s note: I did receive a Spectrum as a free sample from Prime Time Toys; thanks for letting me get an early peek!

The Spectrum, an online-only blaster from Walmart, costs $25 (plus batteries). It’s not only Dart Zone’s interpretation of the Stryfe platform, it’s also their first “regular” product outside the Pro series to use Nerf-compatible magazines. It’s a shame that it’s only online (for now), because it’s one of the best blasters that Dart Zone has made, and one that seriously outshines the current Nerf offering.

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New Blasters (Some for Free), and a Short Pause!

Well, it’s been a nice week for doing blaster reviews. Not only have I received a box from Dart Zone, but a free Gameface Prime blaster to review! As to the actual reviews, though…that may have to wait a few extra days, even if it means you see reviews in other places first. It’s all okay; I’m just moving!

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Nerf Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder Review

Earlier this year, Hasbro showed off the Ghoulgrinder at Toy Fair 2020. It’s a little expensive for its functionality (ten dart rotating cylinder and Elite ranges). However, it also fits the current Zombie Strike aesthetic perfectly. So if your personal play fantasy is surviving the zombie apocalypse, the Ghoulgrinder works perfectly. And you might have a little fun on the way!

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Phoenix Review

The Stryfe is possibly the most prolific blaster of the modern era of Nerf. It’s seen several iterations and variations since its debut in the NStrike Elite line, and is also one of the most commonly modified blasters out there. The Elite 2.0 line brings about a replacement for it, the Phoenix, featuring a chunky design and even more tactical accessory possibilities. But should you get it over past versions? Maybe not. Better blasters are already on the market, and if your intentions happen to include modification…you’re going to be disappointed.

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Adventure Force Rebel Mech Review

When it was first introduced at Toy Fair 2020, Buzz Bee was unable to get the Rebel Mech prototype to the US due to pandemic issues. Since then, the base functions have changed. Originally, it was advertised as a full-auto blaster; whether due to engineering issues, changing price margins, or Walmart desires, it’s now a semi-auto blaster. This change, however, not only still gives us a competent blaster (and massive capacity) for $25, it also gives us one of the most mod-friendly electric blasters to date. One friendly enough that I paused reviewing things in order to design replacement cages!

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