Adventure Force Nexus Pro Review

I’ve been taking extra time on this review, mainly because I wanted to be as sure as possible about testing and trying different things with the blaster (trying to move may have also played a part). After the Nexus Pro emerged early onto Walmart shelves, I woke up at 5am just to make a two hour drive to Cincinnati, where one store was already putting out a ton of new blasters ahead of the official release. Since then, even with extra testing, I can’t help but wonder how good this blaster can be for the enthusiast branch of the hobby, provided Dart Zone and Walmart play their cards right. If you’re in any way interested in high fps blaster tag games, and especially if you’re just joining the hobby, this is possibly the best $50 you can spend right now.

Hold on, because this is going to be a long post!

(Note: the box clearly states on the back the recommendation for both adult supervision and eye protection for the user and people nearby. It also notes basic safety for using the blaster. Please follow that advice!)

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Xshot Chaos Meteor Royale Edition Review

After seeing the positive response to the gold Chaos blasters sent to various influencers last year, Zuru released their Chaos blaster again, this time with partly gold painted bodies. The Meteors in this “Royale Edition” are just now landing at Target in the US, in two-packs, and there seems to be more of a change than just paint. Old issues appear to have been fixed – even if it happens to come at the expense of the included ammo. And while it’s slightly more expensive…come on, they’re gold blasters!

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Xshot Excel Crusher Review

Sometimes, toys come along that you didn’t know you needed, until they appear on a shelf or at a Toy Fair. Such was the case with the Xshot Excel Crusher. A minigun-shaped blaster, with slamfire, for only $25? And that it works so well for what it is? It’s probably not the most *competitive* blaster, but in terms of sheer fun while performing, it’s hard to beat.

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Trio Review

With the end of summer comes the beginning of a refresh of the main Nerf blaster line! Elite has been replaced by Elite 2.0, with an emphasis on black and metallic blue color schemes, simple assembly, and more attachment points. In the case of the Trio, it’s replacing the Triad, providing three quick shots in a pocket-sized platform. It fills the niche quite well, at a low price, even if it doesn’t quite seem to hit the 90ft claims on the box.

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Influencer Package! #nerfsummercamp

Well this arrived in the mail yesterday! Got off work, went to the nearest Fedex Onsite to grab the package, and opened it up. If you’ve seen any of Nerf’s social media in recent weeks, they’ve been pivoting towards fun activities you can do at home with relatives and close friends. In this case, fun fitness activities with Super Soakers and blasters! Let’s be nice and make the post showing the goodies, shall we?

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Nerf Rival Edge Saturn Review

The Rival Edge series is a sub-line aimed (pun intended) at target practice, as opposed to team combat. The previous entries (also Walmart exclusives) were bolt-action blasters that came with moving targets. This year, Hasbro took cues from trap shooting for the blaster, producing a long, pump-action toy. The included target, meanwhile, borrows from steel flip targets. The end result is a great package for just $40 – but full enjoyment may require long arms.

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GameFace Blasters – The Next Hobby Grade Entry

Jet Blasters doesn’t quite have the best reputation when it comes to timely delivery or customer service, but they eventually got there with the arrival of the Ceda S. A hobby-grade blaster, firing short darts, and made widely available through Evike.

However, there’s another variant set to hit the market next month, from an arguably much larger player, and it should be interesting to see how things play out. Here’s what we have on the GameFace Prime so far.

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