Xshot Omega/Reflex Pack



Avg. Price:

$35 (clearanced after Xmas)


81fps average

Rate of Fire:

Up to three darts per second (slightly less with pistols).


A great deal at first, but an amazing one after the holidays. Act fast!

Xshot Omega/Reflex Pack Minireview

Considering the contained blasters, this pack doesn’t need a full explanation or teardown. HOWEVER, it is a special at Sam’s Club for the holidays, which means it will be on clearance in stores soon, if not today. In that light, let’s look at the Omega and Reflex combo pack, because it’s going to be a great deal for filling out the arsenal, especially if you have yet to buy any Reflex or Crusher blasters.

Same, But Different

The Omega is an alternate body for the Crusher; it still primes the same, fires the same, and has a similar rotating barrel. It uses a bit less plastic, but is otherwise the same size as the Crusher. The main differences are an open main grip and the red color scheme. You still get the chain (refills are available on Amazon), and similar performances (in my case, 81fps and three darts per second). Internals are essentially the same, so just look at the Crusher review if you need a guide.

In addition, you get two Reflex blasters. These are reliable pistols in any setting, and take mild spring upgrades quite nicely (though more can be done via both 3d printing and internal reinforcements). Whether you keep them as sidearms or give them to two opponents is up to you!

Finally, like most Xshot combo packs, you get a lot of darts. 98, in this case. Granted, they’re not the best darts, EVEN IF THEY KEEP THROWING AN OLD BLASTERHUB DART RANGE TEST STICKER ON EVERY PACKAGE. But for stock purposes, they’re cheap and effective. More importantly, as evidenced by yesterday’s Christmas battle among our isolated friend community, the included 98 darts were more than enough to supply everyone, and that was with the addition of a bag of basic dart pistols (ranging from Alpha Strike Stingers to Xshot Xcess blasters). Have to hand it to Xshot, it’s easy to supply a casual party with their darts and blasters.

Final Thoughts

The Omega and Reflex pack is already a great bargain at the retail price of $35. A Crusher and two Destroyers (the Walmart variant of the Reflex) retails at $39, and has fewer darts.

Now that we’re a day after Christmas, however, you can expect to find these packs at discounted prices in-store at Sam’s Club. Get them while you can; they were a great deal before. Now they’ll be an absolute steal!

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