Lanard Huntsman Big Boomer Review

The Huntsman Big Boomer has been known about for about half a year, when it first appeared in SE Asia as well as select places in eastern Europe. I finally came across one at a Go! Games and Toys this past week, not knowing exactly how much of a disappointment it was going to be. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

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Zing Hyperstrike Bow Review

After using one of these at Toy Fair this past February, I’m excited to see the Hyperstrike Bow on shelves! It’s a different flavor than the usual dart blasters we cover, but it’s also a seriously fun item – one that’s being marketed for teens and older, as well as its own PvP games. We’ll try to cover everything!

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Zing Toys Zax Review

After a smashing appearance at Toy Fair, the Zing take on axe throwing is finally appearing in stores! Nothing about the product has changed since Toy Fair – and that’s a good thing, because these are quite fun to use, even if it takes a bit of practice to get right.

If it’s any indication, I bought four of them at Target (also available at Zing’s online store).

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A Correction Concerning Xshot – And Now More Questions

I have to amend a previous post, the PSA about Xshot continuing to use the Blasterhub “Dart Range” test for advertising, despite it being well past time to let it go. At the end, I made the statement:

You’ve been doing so great recently with the redesigned blaster line, and have made sure people can use regular darts with most of your blasters. That’s a good thing. Perhaps sometime soon, you can bring your darts into the future, making them the same length as everything else and performing well for that low price you’re known for.

Turns out, their latest crop of Adventure Force rebranded blasters actually come with new darts. As pointed out by Valour (see his Youtube here for cool builds and lots more), the newest ones actually have different darts than before. When I grabbed the blasters initially, I didn’t even think to check the dart lengths. However, that raises new issues – and actually makes my main point a bit better.

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Game Report – YSU Spring HvZ Invitational 2019

I’m slightly behind on game report posts and editing my own video, so thanks to a friend of mine for having footage edited of much of the event already. You can be nice and subscribe 🙂

As usual, the HvZ game at Youngstown State University on April 12-13th was a blast! It revolved around a secret cult trying to end the world. Many hijinks ensued.

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Unicorn Power Popper Review

Sometimes, you find special things that bring you instant joy. They may not even be that useful, but they’re great nonetheless. Power Poppers are one such toy. Made by Hog Wild Toys, they work like the Nerf Reactors of old, where pumping an inner and outer tube together compresses air and shoots balls out of an orifice of slightly smaller diameter. They only claim ranges of twenty feet, but they pretty much cover the whimsical side of foam object blasting.

That is, until they made a unicorn that you load by stuffing balls into its butt, and showed it off at Toy Fair. THEN it reached a new level of madness, and I can’t help but love it.

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