The Reemergence of DDart

Yesterday morning, I messaged a friend asking if anyone had heard anything about DDart wrist blasters since Toy Fair. Within the hour, by sheer coincidence, things started appearing from multiple sources – Toy Fair Everywhere (an online connection forum set up in the wake of Covid-19), other Nerfers, and even emails to various people. Even better, we have sample videos showing off the new products now on Youtube. Let’s just jump in and see where the line is going – faster speeds, higher rates of fire, Rival ammo, and more!

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Mod Project: The Cruxstryke

I may have a problem: in addition to having 25 or so Tyrant magazines for Mega blasters, I’ve also bought four Motostrykes. That many blasters (and mags) means I have lots of project fodder. To that end, I’ve gone and made my first brushless build, thanks to parts from Project FDL and Out of Darts. Now I’m shooting Mega darts at 130fps, with all the fun benefits of a brushless setup.

This won’t quite be a build guide, but I will go over making the blaster!

This writeup assumes you have some familiarity with Nerf modding.

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Nerf Mega Motostryke Review

Honestly, this is the blaster I’ve been excited for all year. Odd ammo types are my specialty; I have themed loadouts for Humans v Zombies, PvP events, and other happenings for everything from Vortex to Ballistic Balls. However, one of the things that has always been missing is a semi-auto Mega blaster. Now, we have the Motostryke. It’s compatible with previous Mega magazines, has a smooth trigger pull, and already has plenty of upgrade opportunities. If you like large ammo in any way at all, you need to buy at least one Motostryke.

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Halo MA40 Blaster Review

Nerf has been on a roll, in terms of securing IP crossovers. Overwatch Rival blasters, Fortnite blasters, and now Halo. Just as important, however, is nailing the landing once the product lines start appearing. In that regard, the MA40 largely does the job, being both a nice prop for Halo fans and a good platform for blaster fans. Quibbles over magazine compatibility aside, it’s worth grabbing, even at the $50 MSRP.

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Adventure Force Battle Blazer Review

Buzz Bee Toys is an interesting company when it comes to blaster design. While they have put out more and more designs that are clearly effective in battle, they still have a tendency to release blasters that are mainly play-oriented, be it through shells, chains, or other methods. In the case of the Battle Blazer, we have a fun blaster that does perform well compared to main brands. Is this chain-fed pistol practical? You be the judge.

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Adventure Force Sportsman Review

Author’s note: I got this blaster as a free review sample from Dart Zone. Thanks, guys!

One of Dart Zone’s most interesting innovations in foam blasting is the dart hopper. Seen first on the Commandfire and Destructor, it allows large capacities without the use of magazines or bulky cylinders. It’s also undergone some refinement over the past two years. Now, it’s feeding a manual, pump-action blaster, the Sportsman. In spite of the funky appearance, it makes for an effective blaster, especially if you scavenge darts. It’s not quite as high on the “to buy” list as other Adventure Force blasters, but it’s still worth the $20 at!

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Adventure Force Villainator Review

Author’s note: I wrote this review after buying one, but then got a free sample from Dart Zone. Thanks for the extra data points for comparison!

Dart Zone keeps hitting high notes this year. Between blasters like the DZP 1.1, Nexus Pro, and the Spectrum, you’d expect something to eventually be a miss. So far, though, that’s not the case.

The Villainator is yet another blaster getting top marks, not only performing well for $20, but far outshining the direct competition from Hasbro on the exact same shelf. Whether it’s starting a basic blaster war or playing a long game of Humans v Zombies, it’s a blaster you absolutely should buy.

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