New York Toy Fair 2020: Best of Show

Here we are, leaving Toy Fair, and looking back on all the things we’ve spotted and played with. There were lots of winners across the various companies, but there were also lots of things left unseen and unannounced; lots of blaster news won’t appear until later in the year. Even so, we can highlight the best things there, and what we’re looking forward to seeing!

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New York Toy Fair 2020 – Day 3

There’s not much left for me to cover; sadly, I don’t think I get to see any of Zuru’s stuff this year. Even so, there are a few other items to see. They might be in stores near you, they might be slight updates…and a few might leave the head scratching. Here we go!

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New York Toy Fair 2020: Day 2.5

I keep getting caught up with everything here in New York, and not actually posting! I stopped by a few other booths, and may as well post about them, even if some of the stops were small and short!

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Hasbro Fan Media Day Press Release: New Fortnite Nerf!

Before getting to the main post about the Nerf tour, let’s get the official pics and release out of the way. I’m trusting you can click a link and read the descriptions!

Nerf Fan Media Day Product Descriptions