Zuru Xshot Fury 4 Review

I have to apologize, because I’ve been sitting on this review for nearly four months! It’s been sitting unfinished in my “Drafts” section, only to be overshadowed by new blasters coming out, or pushed off when life put a hold on writing. And that’s a shame, because it’s an amazing blaster for such a small package. A four dart revolver with an auto-indexing cylinder, it performs the exact same function as the Nerf Quadrant/Scout Mk II, but in a smaller package. Even more importantly, it has better performance for half the price!

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Nerf Fest 2018 – The Walmart Tour

I’m admittedly a little late posting news of this, as parts of three states have already had visits. Nerf and Walmart are teaming up for the Nerf Fest Mobile Tour, stopping at various Walmart Supercenters for free demos of the new blasters. In addition, while supplies last, Nerf purchases of $25 or more will get a free T-shirt you can customize on-site.

Check the images below to see if the Nerf truck shows up in your area this fall!


Xshot Flying Bug Attack Swarm Seeker Review

Shown at Toy Fair 2018 back in February, the Swarm Seeker (and included bug launcher) aims to put a new spin on target practice. They showed up recently at Endwar (Mission 5, aka “The Commercial”), and just hit shelves this past month. Sporting the same wood and “bug splat” motif as previous blasters, the Swarm Seeker features great performance in a small package. And the bug launcher works as intended. All things considered, it’s a nice package.

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New Bright R/C MECH Robocannon Review

One of the most unusual things to appear at Toy Fair is finally on shelves. After spotting it a year and a half ago, it appeared on shelves at Target for $100, in both red/black and grey color schemes (green/black is also available). It’s not the most useful tool for actual foam combat, but it’s still a lot of fun. It helps that the blaster portion shoots harder than expected!

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Adventure Force Commandfire Review

The Commandfire is a new blaster in many ways. Produced under Walmart’s branding by Prime Time Toys, it doesn’t bring much to the table aesthetically. But it boasts a dart hopper, eliminating the need for magazines. It features fully automatic firing, and comes with lots of accurate ammunition. It’s a blaster I’ve had for several weeks now, but hadn’t been able to truly utilize until a recent Humans v Zombies game. Now that that’s done, I have a review to post.

It should be noted that after I began writing this review, a sample box including this blaster and many others I’ve bought actually arrived. Since the money’s already been spent for buying and reviewing blasters…I guess Prime Time Toys will be unofficially sponsoring an HvZ event in the near future. At least the recipients won’t be disappointed!

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Demolisher Review

Buzz Bee Toys produces many fine blasters for a fraction of the Nerf price. They also tend to produce lots of “gimmick” blasters, some more usable than others. The Air Warriors Demolisher is one of those blasters. It’s fully automatic, magazine fed…and fired by pulling on the rear handle. It’s a silly way to use a blaster, but I can’t help but love it. At the very least, it’s a nice kid-sized “minigun” with decent performance.

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Adventure Force Night Attack Review

The Night Attack is another addition to the Adventure Force line this fall, coming from Buzz Bee Toys. Featuring both magazine compatibility and a rail-mounted flashlight, this pistol is a bit long in its dimensions. The flashlight is also fairly useless. The pistol itself, however, packs a nice punch.

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