Nerf Video Game Blasters: Everything We Know So Far

After news of the newest Fortnite blaster appeared on the internet yesterday (including my inbox while I was at work), I figured I’d wait a day and compile info on the various blasters we’re expecting next year. Hasbro now has two lines of video game blaster adaptations going, with three blasters officially announced so far. Here’s the collective scoop on everything!

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Zuru Xshot Hawkeye Review

This past year, the Xshot line has updated many previous blaster models, like the Xcess. The new models feature better ranges and more stylish shells than past versions. The Hawkeye is another blaster that has undergone a remodeling. However, while the blaster has its charms, it has limited uses outside of simple target practice.

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MEGA Caliburn Review

Apologies for the lack of review postings! I had to take a short break for the sake of my sanity. Sometimes, you just get depressed, and you have to recognize that and work your way back out.

Today’s review focuses on a blaster that’s actually been around for quite a while. Captain Slug’s Caliburn has seen several revisions over time, and not only can it be used for several ammo types, but it can be easily swapped between them thanks to a new method of assembly. It’s a great design that can be used in both superstock and NIC levels of play. thanks to the ability to easily swap springs. And of course, it’s a testament to the things that 3D printing can do for the hobby.

In my case, I got the MEGA version. Because I’m a strange person who has lots of Buzz Bee Tyrant mags and uses them. A big thank you to Captain Slug for sending me a model for review.

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Nerf Infinus Giveaway!

That’s right, we have a blaster to giveaway, straight from Nerf! Big thanks to Hasbro for making this happen.

We’ll keep it simple – just leave a comment on this post on the Nerf subreddit (that way, I can send a message to the winner to arrange for shipping!). Be sure to check out all the other cool things going on there, as well. On Friday at 6PM EST, I’ll do a drawing (complete with a box of papers with usernames on them) and we can figure out shipping a new blaster to you!

You can comment a poem about your love of the Deploy, for all I care. The content itself doesn’t matter for the contest, as long as it’s appropriate.

As per Reddit terms of service, you need to be 13 to make an account and post. Kids, please ask your parents!

EDIT: I will cut off entries at noon on Friday. I do actually need time to go through all the names for writing down and putting in the box, after all.