Xshot Regenerator Review

The Regenerator is Xshot’s budget answer to the idea of Nerf Modulus. Modeled similarly to the Nerf Battlescout, it features its own version of tactical rails, accessories, and barrel attachments. For $30 and decent [upgrade-able] performance, it’s not a bad option. It just has the unfortunate luck to have appeared on ToysRUs shelves right after bankruptcy was declared.

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Nerf Vortex VTX Pyragon Review

Of all the things to show up on my birthday! Getting a message from Fedex that a package was ready for pickup was nice. Then I opened it up and found the newest versions of the Pyragon and Vigilon! Since we’re on a roll here, I may as well do a review of the Pyragon first, comparing it to the old version and doing an actual review.

As expected for a Vortex blaster, it’s lots of fun (even if it’s not always competitive in superstock settings). It’s just a matter of whether your desire for a unique take on a formerly discontinued product outweighs your budget concerns,

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Nerf News – Official VORTEX VTX Press Release!

(NOTE: the first portion is copy/paste from the release. My thoughts will come after.)

The Nerf Vortex line is back! Originally launched in 2011, the Vortex line offered fans a completely new blaster experience equipped with discs instead of darts. The line of disc launching blasters will relaunch later this month at Target to bend the rules and take battling to the next level.

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Dart Zone Sureshot Dart Review

Author’s edit, 10/04/19: In case someone comes across this review, bulk packages of this type of dart have been in stock for quite some time, with 200 packs for $10 (and, when in stock online, 500 for $20) at Walmart under the Adventure Force line. Quite better than when the darts initially released!

Apologies for the lack of postings as of late! Any time not spent working has been spent driving to and doing HvZ Invitationals, or otherwise prepping for them. Which means I’m behind on reviews and video editing and game reports.

However, I will post an update on the Sure Shot darts – they did arrive, and they’re very promising!

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Dart Zone’s Accustrike Competitor?

As of a recent posting on Amazon, it appears that Prime Time Toys (of Dart Zone fame) is the next manufacturer to chase better accuracy. Whereas Nerf has Accustrike, and Buzz Bee has Precise Pro, PTT is introducing “Sureshot” darts.

As per the product description:

Take it up a notch with the Dart Zone 100 dart SURESHOT dart refills. Darts are fully compatible with all Dart Zone brand blasters and the Universal design makes them compatible with most standard blasters from other leading brands. Dart Zone darts have serious range, flying up to 90 feet with pinpoint accuracy! this refill pack includes 100 darts. For ages 8 and up.

Noticeably, the darts have the same range claims as the regular Super Darts. Nerf’s Accustrike line tends to not make range claims, and Buzz Bee’s accuracy-based products claim less range than their long-range versions.

The heads on the darts appear to be a “waffle” style, selling for $15 for 100 (although listed out of stock). And they claim to be compatible with other brands. While online bulk may still reign supreme for the “hardcore” crowd and various clubs, an option like this may find more appeal than previous competitor’s attempts (Buzz Bee’s darts sold for, at best, $9 for 35 darts under the Adventure Force line). We shall soon see!

Xshot Micro (2017/2018) Review

Possibly the most common Xshot blaster I’ve seen in stores is the Micro. It’s easy to find in various dollar stores, as well as the “cheap toy” section of Walmart. It’s small size makes it comparable to a Nerf Jolt. However, newer packaging has increased the range claims to 80ft. Is that much performance possible out of this blaster (with the included darts)? The answer is, surprisingly, yes.

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