Nerf Rival Overwatch Reaper (Wight Edition) Review

The Overwatch blasters weren’t supposed to hit shelves until 2019. But then they got sent out early, just in time for Christmas. In my case, it was shortly after taking advantage of half-off promotions at Gamestop. Now they’re here, and it looks like Hasbro did the perfect job of blending prop-worthy gear and functional blaster. The only question is whether or not you’re willing to pay a premium price for them, or will just wait again for sales.

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Blasterhub’s 2018 Best Dart Competition

It’s been far too long, and there have been way too many new dart types. As of this post, I’m revamping our dart testing to cover the stock (0.50″) darts currently available on shelves. I’ll evaluate the current darts in terms of fps, how precise they are in hitting a target, and how they stack up in terms of cost.

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Hello there, I’m Blasterhub!

It’s been an interesting time here writing for Blasterhub, but it’s also been somewhat of a lonely time. People go in and out of the hobby, or just go on pause because life happens. As of recent, I’ve been the sole writer on the website. As of now, however, I’m also the owner.

I’m still planning on doing reviews, testing darts, and hopefully getting some outside reviews and opinions on matters relating to all sorts of tagging sports. And I’ll be reporting from Toy Fair this February. It just will no longer be as a contributor.

Nerf on!

Nerf NStrike Elite Rukkus Review

As is usual, a few blasters are released at the tail end of the holiday season without much fanfare. Compared to rereleases like the Modulus Longstrike and flagships like the Prometheus, the Rukkus ICS-8 isn’t a blaster that will receive much fanfare. It’s a large, quirky pistol that, for $20, really doesn’t do anything special, especially when blaster like the Buzz Bee Jaguar or the Dart Zone Havoc Powerclip have done more in a smaller package for less than half the cost.

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Adventure Force Double Trouble Review

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One of the best surprises of 2018 is a blaster that didn’t get officially released until December 1. Sold under Walmart’s Adventure Force line, the Double Trouble is a semi-auto blaster that feeds from two rotating drums. $20 gets you a blaster with a twenty dart capacity, reliable firing, and far above average stock velocities. As usual, Prime Time Toys seems to be doing something right with their electric blasters.

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Buzz Bee Reaper (2018) Review

Buzz Bee has, in recent years, managed to recycle many designs with upgraded internals in order to keep up with blaster range trends. With many blasters, they now claim (with their long distance darts) up to 100ft ranges. In the case of the Reaper, Buzz Bee has taken a fan favorite for comfort and boosted the ranges. It’s large for a pistol, and still retains some compatibility issues, but it’s comfortable and easy to use, making for a pleasant blaster update. If you can find one,

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Nerf NStrike Elite Surestrike Review

Another year, another blaster remake. In this case, Hasbro has repainted the Dart Tag Stormfire / Zombie Strike Clear Shot, released in blue, and included a red dot sight attachment. It’s a good looking blaster, with a nice attachment, but with pitiful performance for a modern blaster. Unless you’re set on getting the attachment or trying to improve the blaster, it’s one you can avoid.

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