Nerf Laser Ops Classic Incoming!

Thanks to another leak on Instagram, we have a peek at the Ion 2-pack, a new entry in the Laser Ops line.

Seen on the NCCTW Instagram page, we have two pistols in yellow and orange, evoking older, arcade style Laser Tag equipment.

The pistols should retail for $29.99, and still feature the same buttons as the other entries in the line. I’d expect them to maintain compatibility, because why wouldn’t you do that for items in the same line?

Release date is expected for this year, exact time unknown.

Nerf Mega Bulldog Review

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The Bulldog is Nerf’s second Mega Accustrike blaster to hit the market, following the relative “thud” that was the Mega Thunderhawk – one blaster I never got around to reviewing, but never felt guilty about because it wasn’t that good.

The Bulldog is objectively a better blaster that, while still featuring gimmicks, performs decently well, especially with the Mega Accustrike darts. However, I didn’t see much difference in performance when compared to the last three-shot Mega blaster, the Tribreak. At the very least, at $20 it’s a solid pistol for the Mega line, given the current trends in blaster pricing.

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Compatibility Issues: New Rival Mags v Dart Zone

Reddit user u/darkjedi39 noticed and made this post recently, showing how the lip of the Rival mags has changed (something I did not notice myself on the Hypnos). Indeed, it seems that all newer Rival magazines are being made like this. The reason has nothing to do with the Nerf blasters themselves, as they don’t grip on that surface in any way. Instead, it appears to be a small change to prevent current Dart Zone/Adventure Force blasters from being fully cross-compatible.

The Accelerators, Titaniums, and other ball blasters made by Prime Time Toys were made to be able to use Rival magazines, by gripping on that lip. With the molding change, however, that is no longer possible, at least not in stock form.

Assuming there is no change on Dart Zone’s end, users will need to remove the extra plastic bits as shown in the picture to restore cross-compatibility. That is, if you haven’t already decided that hoppers are a better choice for you.

Nerf Rival Hypnos Review

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Here we have it, our first review of the year! This blaster made an early appearance at a Target near me for $50, and I just had to grab it off the shelf. The Hypnos introduces a magazine fed, pump-action blaster with a folding stock, and it does its job quite well. If the Hades wasn’t quite your style, and the Dart Zone Powerball/Adventure Force Titanium just isn’t your cup of tea, the Hypnos should serve you well.

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Dart Shark Review

I’m not usually one to review homemade, 3d printed, or aftermarket blasters and parts. Prior to this review, the only thing in that category was the Mega Caliburn (which is itself an amazing platform and lots of fun to use). But after seeing the Dart Shark surface, I had to get one for myself. Seeing as the creator of it wouldn’t be making and shipping them out until after the holidays, I went with the “buy the files for printing and source the parts myself” method.

In the end, is the Dart Shark absolutely necessary? No. But it’s so much fun to use, and so silly yet cleverly done. At the very least, it’s nice to see a standalone magazine-loading device in existence.

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Nerf Rival Overwatch McCree Blaster

Of the three Overwatch blasters, the McCree blaster is the one that made the most compromises. It’s a lovely prop with nice features, including a moving hammer and spur, and an included badge. However, the dimensions aren’t quite the same as those of the in-game weapon (for sensible reasons). In addition, the blaster operation has a lot to be desired. It’s still fun, but it might not be $40 worth of fun.

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Nerf Rival Overwatch D.Va Blaster Review

Our next review concerns the D.Va blaster! It’s slightly longer in proportion than the original, and the coloring is a bit off (due to being a toy blaster). Otherwise, though, it’s a fine Rival pistol that performs better than expected, and is a fine prop as well.

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