Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus Review

(This blaster was provided by Hasbro for free for this review. Thanks, guys!)

Ever since its official debut at Toy Fair this year, we’ve been waiting for the Infinus to finally appear. Was it the new Rapidstrike? It had automatic dart loading for the inserted clip, but would it be reliable? Was $70 worth it for this large new dart blaster? The answer to all of these is yes.

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Dart Zone BallistixOps Velocity: More Rivals for Rival

(I’m still tearing things apart and hoping to give thorough reviews, so a little bit of news in the meantime)

Big thanks to RZRider for catching this and bringing this to my attention! As shown in an update to the Dart Zone website:

NEW! Available Aug. 1 at Target

Load up on the fun, as the BallistixOps™ Velocity Motorized Ball Blaster by Dart Zone holds and launches up to 40 Power Strike® rounds at up to 100 feet per second.  The Velocity Motorized Ball Blaster features the innovative design of an auto-agitator that prevents rounds from jamming throughout your most extreme battles.  Choose your team color to see who will take home the victory.  Velocity also features a built-in trigger lock for safety when it’s time to take a break from the battle.  BallistixOps™ Blasters are fully compatible with the leading brand’s foam rounds and magazines.  Requires 6 D batteries (batteries not included).  The BallistixOps™ Velocity is also compatible with the other major brand’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.  Battery pack sold separately.

• (1) Velocity Motorized Ball Blaster
• Built-in Auto-Agitator Anti-Jam Mechanism
• Includes 40 Power Strike® Foam Ball Rounds
• Up to 100 FPS Performance
• (1) Quick-Load Detachable Hopper
• (3) Interchangeable Team Color Markers (Blue Team, Red Team, Green Team)
• Ballistix Match Design: Power Strike® Rounds and the Velocity Blaster work with high-impact foam rounds and ammo magazines from other major brand
• Ages 14+

Dart Zone – Can be found at Target & (COMING SOON!)

I love my Accelerator with a paintball hopper on top, but you still have to shake it on occasion, especially if you’re not moving around or running. Having an auto-agitator included would be a great addition!

Nerf Rival Prometheus Review

(Disclaimer: this was a free product for review from Hasbro. Thanks, guys!)

The flagship product of the season is finally here. The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Prometheus is on hand and is as every bit as amazing as it appeared to be at Toy Fair. The price tag is a shocker at $200, but the blaster itself is as good as it gets if you want to spray foam ammo all day (or at least until you need to pick it all back up).

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Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader Review

(Disclaimer: this was a free product for review from Hasbro. Thanks, guys!)

The mass 2018 launch of Nerf blasters is almost here! To start things off, we’ll take a look at the Modulus Ghost Ops Evader. In function, it’s a Stryfe. That’s nothing new. In form, however, it has a large but comfortable shell. The Evader feels great in your hands, and has that pretty glowing effect to boot. If you need a new semi-auto blaster, it’ll fit the bill.

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Nerf Fall Lineup Updates, and New Adventure Force Blasters!

Let’s start with the Nerf press release – blasters are not only coming in July, but you can use your Nerf Perks toward them!

Nerf Perks

  • Be one of the FIRST to get the Nerf brand’s newest blasters. Starting July 1st, Nerf Perks members can use their points to redeem for any of the Nerf brand’s NEW blasters. Go to to redeem! Not a member? No problem! Sign up for free at and start earning points! Open to US Residents 18+.
  • Members and non-members can use code NERF18 to get an extra 200 points to help you on your way to earning some awesome rewards.
  • Eligible Blasters include: Modulus Evader, Mega Thunderhawk, Elite Infinus, Elite Delta Trooper, Zombie Ripchain, Zombie Scravenger, Rival Prometheus, and Rival Hades

Nerf Fest

  • Get ready, because Nerf Fest is coming! All of the fall Nerf products will be hitting shelves on Monday, July 16th!

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Xshot Flying Bugs Dropping in Next Month!

Zuru’s Xshot blasters have been a resounding success in terms of gaining market share, and their line expansion was hinted at back at Toy Fair 2018. The launching of the new sub-series, Flying Bug Attack, is set for next month, with battery-operated launchers sending the targets up into the air. The new pistol in the series, a clip-fed blaster that suspiciously looks to use the same clips as the Regenerator, also looks highly promising. I’ll be sure to post a review once I get my hands on one of these!

This ad was from the June issue of Toy World Magazine, by the way.