Notice on the Lack of Updates

I realized today that it’s been nearly a week – there is content to come, I promise. I’ve just been dealing with some personal/family issues, and as a result the motivation for Nerf (outside of doing a few mods to keep myself busy) hasn’t quite been there. We’ll be fully up and running by the end of the week, however. See you then!

An Incomplete List of March Nerf Events!

By no means is this list exhaustive, as there are simply too many large events to keep track of. However, feel free to contact me if you have an HvZ Invitational, or a large Nerf event going on near you. I will at least attempt to work it into the post. Links to Facebook event pages, etc. are especially helpful! Also note that while this is a US-centric website (simply due to authorship), I’ll try to highlight some bigger event outside my region and country.

Be sure to note any rules, age restrictions, etc. in the events you may be attending. Please Nerf responsibly!

I will aim to post the April events soon after, as there are several large events (Penn State HvZ Invite, etc) that will be coming up, with large groups, Youtuber appearances, etc.

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Endwar Location Confirmed!

As I’m sure many readers already saw on Facebook, Endwar’s location is finally confirmed, as is a Harry Potter style theme. As such, I’m simply doing my part for event promotion – I played in 2017, helped moderate in 2018, and will be helping again this year. Even if it’ll be a long drive (or flight) from Ohio to southern Georgia.

You can find more info (and sign up) at the Facebook event page. After all, it’s one of the largest blaster events out there right now, and it’s always fun to play, meet old and new friends, and (eventually) die to the horde.

Be sure to reserve those hotels quickly, though. Those might go pretty quicky.

Adventure Force Double Trouble Mod (Not quite a guide)

After getting a project done (after sitting in pieces and various stages for two months), I ended up with better than expected results. As such, I’m spending a post tooting my own horn, as well as showing the potential of a late (but arguably one of the best) 2018 blaster release.

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HvZ Athens Day Game Report

The weekend before Toy Fair, I got to drive back to Athens, Ohio for a fun winter HvZ game. Being February, it was a small group, but it was still a blast being able to have an actual HvZ game after only minigames and regular Nerf wars. It was about as silly as I expected it to be!

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Nerf Rival Helios Review (Blue)

The Helios has been on shelves for a while now, as a Phantom Corps addition to the Rival line. Somehow, despite buying one and taking pictures, I never actually got around to writing a review. Now that the new colors are coming to store shelves (and appearing at Toy Fair), I’m going to fix that.

The Helios is, as you’d expect, a respectable update to the original Apollo design. It demands a bit of patience in operation, but otherwise is a reliable, smaller spring-powered primary.

Note that this blaster came from Canada, where it is already on Walmart store shelves.

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Buffdaddy’s Best of Toy Fair 2019

Now that Toy Fair is over, we can sit back and think about what we really enjoyed. What made our eyes light up when we used it? What blasters made us say “Why hasn’t anyone done this sooner?!?”. It’s a very subjective post, but it’s worth chiming in with my opinion on everything I saw.

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