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Review: Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike (Aus grey trigger)

While the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike isn’t the first Elite-era blaster to fire multiple ammo types, it is the first blaster to fire three different ammo types. Firing attachments were one of my biggest hopes for the Modulus line, so the Tri-Strike was one of the most exciting releases for me this year. I did wait a little for the price to drop from its initial release price, but I was very excited to pick one up for myself.

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Newisland New Island Vest and Darts

New Dart Blasting Accessories from Newisland

I was recently contacted by Newisland, a blaster brand that is not particularly well-known in the west, but has nonetheless generated some buzz for their quirky Alloy Transformable Toys Dinosaur Series Toy Blasters. I’ve seen the Newisland blasters, but always assumed they were designed primarily for children, so I didn’t give them much thought. But now I’m told they had a new type of dart and tactical vest designed for older players. Newisland, you have my attention.

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Feng Jia Toys Cyber Hunter Sniper Rifle Review

Among the many surprises that have come from Chinese toy factories in recent years has been the rise of Feng Jia Toys. Unlike other blaster-building companies (Zecong comes to mind), Feng Jia tends to actually produce unique blasters. Even the blasters with obvious origins tend to have their own personalities. While the actual blaster names seem to change depending on color scheme and translation, their “roles” are consistent. As such, I will refer to this blaster as the Sniper Rifle. The price is high, but the blaster is unique and works well.

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BOOMco Whipblast Review (15m version)

Although first released back in 2014, and reviewed extensively elsewhere (including by other folks right here at Blaster Hub), the BOOMco Whipblast is nonetheless worth a second look. After all, it offers functionality you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from any BOOMco blaster: it’s wacky, unique and most importantly, fun to fire.

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Nerf Spring 2017

Nerf Spring ’17 Official Product Details

So Nerf has come to Snapchat. Because apparently that’s where the kids are. And Nerf is for kids… right? Whatever the rationale, Hasbro chose to first reveal their spring line of blasters via this uber-hip form of disposable social media, but nowhere else. It didn’t really attract much attention that we could tell, and it didn’t give fans a chance to learn any details about the new products. It was just a nice tease… on top of the leaks and rumors that were already out there. But fortunately for us, Hasbro still has PR folks willing to share information, so we went straight to the source to finally get some legit, high-res images and official product details.

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