Nerf Rival Prometheus & Hades Press Release!

As expected, this time of year is full of new product announcements, spread out among various media outlets, followed by general press releases. Today, Popular Mechanics showed off the newest blasters in the Rival Phantom Corps line. I’ll list the official press releases, and the my thoughts.

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Adventure Force Titanium Review

Along with the release of the Accelerator comes the Titanium, a reshell of the Dart Zone Powerball. It maintains the same basic form and function, but with a few differences. And it still works well as a low-cost alternative to Nerf Rival spring-based blasters, especially now that expanded hoppers are a thing,

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Adventure Force Accelerator Review

When news leaked that Prime Time Toys (home of the Dart Zone brand) was expanding their Rival-type product line, I was excited. The Powerball had only been out half a year, but had already proven great performance for a good price. Officially released today was not only a revamped springer, but a Zeus/Hera competitor known as the Accelerator. Available at Walmart for $28, it’s not the perfect blaster, but there are still plenty of good things to find.

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ripstorm dreadsight super soakers

Nerf News: Zombie-Strike Super Soakers Return

As many would agree, Super Soakers don’t quite fit in with the whole Zombie Apocalypse theme, with all that said, Nerf has continued to make another two Zombie Strike Super Soakers, the Dreadsight and the Ripstorm! Both these new water blasters were listed on Entertainment Earth.

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avengers aseembler gear header

Nerf News: Avengers Infinity War Assembler Gear Blasters

With the new Avengers Infinity War movie coming soon to cinemas, it is time for some more cross-promotional Nerf blasters. The new Avenger themed blasters are a part of a new series, known as Assembler Gear. From the leaked images on Baidu, there is a Star-Lord, Hulk, Captain America, Iron-Man and Spiderman (Iron-Spider) blaster.

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