elite surgefire

Leaked Nerf News: Elite SURGEFIRE!

Wow! Two Nerf news stories in one day! This time, we’re looking at big, beastly Elite blaster titled – the Surgefire! The image of this blaster was found on Baidu, although it originally came from a Taobao listing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the actual Surgefire listed on Taobao (must have already been sold), so this screenshot will have to do. Continue reading

Knex K-force 2017 Rotoshot Review

Rumors of K-Force’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, it seems. As seen at Toy Fair, sales for the line were good enough to warrant not only a new lineup, but some experimentation as well. Therefore, the two new revolvers each have a unique priming and firing mechanism. The Barracuda features pump-action priming. Meanwhile, the Sabertooth features lever-action priming that fires on the return. They may not be your cup of tea, but they’ve made interesting additions to my arsenal.

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Nerf News: Alien Menace Melee Weapons listed on Toys R Us!

After being launched in 2016, we haven’t really heard much from the Alien Menace line  – however Toys R Us has just recently added two new Alien Menace foam weapons to their online store. I would’ve prefered seeing some giant, epic alien demolishing blaster, but hey it’s something.

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Review: Buzz Bee Stryker Force (15m)

The Stryker Force is the smallest and simplest in Buzz Bee’s latest line of releases, with their new dart designs being one of the main features. The Stryker Force is somewhat reminiscent of Buzz Bee’s older Air Max 6, though of course while that blaster used an air tank, this is a conventional springer. I will be reviewing Buzz Bee’s new darts in a separate post.

Note that the Stryker Force is in fact not a direct recolour of the Zenith, but is still physically similar. Interestingly, the Stryker Force uses the same shell as the Adventure Force Exact Attack found at Walmart. I believe the Stryker Force is simply the Zenith’s replacement in certain regions.

Disclaimer: This blaster was sent to me by Buzz Bee Toys for review. I will do my best to ensure that the review remains as objective and unbiased as possible.

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Diggin Slimeball Gobzooka Review

One of the odder things I spotted at Toy Fair was a launcher for rubbery “Slimeballs”. When I spotted it, I went into the booth and talked with the sales rep, and tried out the prototype. IT WAS AMAZING. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for it to appear on store shelves, with only passing mentions in online literature. Now, it’s sitting on Target shelves for $20, and the final product is every bit as pleasing as the original.

NOTE: This review is heavily skewed toward the modding community. With most large air blasters now off shelves, this presents an exciting option for future projects. Please be aware of this bias as your read the review.

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