Xshot Fortress Review

If there’s one thing Xshot is known for, it’s consistency in product design. Even with new lines, the blasters are essentially the same as before (even if they’re objectively better in looks in utility, as per the Dino Attack line). The Fortress falls into this pattern; it’s objectively not much different from the Turbo Advance. Even so, $25 for 40 shots is hard to argue with. A high-capacity blaster is a must for any collection, especially if you have HvZ or close quarters combat in mind.

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Dart Zone Pro Mk1.2 Review

Author’s note: I received a free sample for review from Dart Zone, and also had the chance to handle the Mk1.2 early at an exclusive party for Foam Pro Tour players, guests, and other qualified individuals. Thanks for the sample and the hands-on time!

It was supposed to be a massive upgrade. More power, a sealed breech, and a new design scheme to match the Mk3. There’s a folding stock as well as a focus on short darts. There’s even a lower price compared to its predecessors. For all the improvements, though, the Mk1.2 is, in its current form, somehow a downgrade, with integral flaws in the design. Until things improve, there are better blasters to use.

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Nerf Pro Mythic…Gel Blaster? Hasbro Joins the Party!

On the one hand, something not foam or rubber was unexpected from Nerf. On the other…gel blasters are spreading EVERYWHERE (seriously, just sort the “Foam Blasters” section of Amazon by “new” and see how many there are).

In any case, we now have the Nerf Pro Mythic, launching in November, and available for preorder from the typical web shopping portals. Let’s take a look!

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Blasterhub at Endwar: Foamcon!

It’s a busy weekend here in Rochester ‐ I’ve already played in Q4 with Eh Team (sadly, we placed 3rd), and it’s just one event after another.

HOWEVER, I have pictures from Foamcon to upload, and plenty of thoughts to edit in later. Especially concerning the new items from Dart Zone and Gameface.

But for now…

Adventure Force Ranger Review

One small caveat to this review: I was able to acquire one of these blasters early, and a few others have as well. I don’t have definitive numbers from their blasters, though I hear good things from them. However, my Ranger experience is, thus far, somewhat disappointing.

Was I simply unlucky? Or are there quality control issues? We won’t know until the blasters appear on shelves en masse. But given Dart Zone’s on-again, off-again relationship with ball-blasting performance, anything is possible. At the very least, $10 buys you three shots, when previously it could buy you six and storage.

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Xshot Skins Last Stand Review

Of the entire Skins line, the Last Stand is the largest. It’s the primary of the line, holding 14 shots in a pump-action format. It also has the biggest canvas for the various paint schemes Xshot has decided to produce. For $20, it looks and feels great. Are there other objectively better options? Yes. Are there any with as much style? I’d say no.

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Patent Search: Short Dart Villainator?

Dart Zone is no stranger to filing patents on new blaster designs, or updating previous ones. And it’s an informal sport among blaster hobbyists to see who can spot the newest things coming from them.

Apparently, we were all off our game a bit, because a patent from the beginning of this month demonstrates how to turn a large capacity, drum-fed blaster into a high performance, short-dart firing beast. It’s a style of blaster often overlooked in a world dominated by magazines, and having a blaster like this would be a fun addition to any arsenal.

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