Full Coverage of the Mattel BOOMco North American Launch

Blaster Labs is your direct source for everything related to Mattel’s new BOOMco product line!

While some blogs are just now getting their hands on the new BOOMco products from retailers that have leaked product early, Blaster Labs has been in direct contact with the good folks at Mattel and their PR firm, and have had in-depth, hands-on coverage of everything BOOMco-related since day one. Here are a few of our coverage highlights:

And it gets better. We now have official release details on the North American BOOMco product line, and we have all of the North American-release BOOMco blasters currently on-hand for review.

BOOMco Delivery Box | Do Not Place on Shelf Prior to June 29th, 2014

So, if you’re looking for information on the all-new Mattel BOOMco blaster line—the biggest competitor to Nerf blasters we’ve seen in a long time—you’ve come to the right place. As with all of the other major toy blaster manufacturers, we are in communications with Mattel and their PR folks directly for all the latest news, imagery, and product details, and already have full reviews and related product testing in the works for both the BOOMco Twisted Spinner, and the highly anticipated BOOMco Rapid Madness blaster, in addition to the Dual Defenders (Farshot) we exclusively reviewed for the North American market previously.

Of course, these products have already popped-up here and there, but for most people in North American, the BOOMco line won’t in most stores until June 29th (except for stores that have leaked product early). Fortunately, we have received the blasters early from our friends at Mattel, and are busy taking measurements of distance, rate-of-fire, feet-per-second and more, to give you the most complete reviews possible of all the new products before the new line reaches store shelves.

It’s an exciting year to be into Nerf-type blasters, with new competitors like the BOOMco line from Mattel sure to spice things up considerably with proprietary Smart Stick tech and innovative new blaster designs. We’re also expecting no shortage of competitors from other corners, including Tech 4 Kids, Buzz Bee, Zuru, and more. We appreciate your support of our coverage, both here and in social media, and you can be sure Blaster Labs will be staying on top of all the latest Mattel BOOMco news and new product developments headed our way in 2014—and beyond.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak-peak of the Rapid Madness, which we currently have in for review. This full-size, air-powered blaster hits an easy 10 shots per second rate-of-fire, and the distances might surprise you!