Buzz Bee Air Warriors Revolution


Buzz Bee Toys

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88fps with included darts

Rate of Fire:

Two darts per second


A great pistol, with better comfort than the last version.

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Revolution Review

Buzz Bee Toys has had a successful run of Nerf-compatible springers. Starting with the Ultra-Tek line, they made a major move towards compatibility, improving the blasters all along the way. This process has continued, from the Champion to the Reaper, and onwards to the Tactical Storm and other blasters.

Now, with the 2019 product line in full swing, we have things like the Revolution. It’s not as game-changing as the name would suggest, but it doesn’t need to be. If you need an inexpensive, powerful, and reliable mag-fed spring blaster, the Revolution is a great choice. Even if you have adult hands!

Better Blasting

Earlier this year, Buzz Bee had the Night Attack, which served the same functions as the Revolution. It also carried on the tradition of comically undersized handles. With the Revolution, this feature is vastly improved. No awkward angles to pinch the webbing between fingers; no cramped spaces for the hand. It’s still sized for younger kids, of course, but the dimensions are large enough to accommodate adult hands, as well.

The blaster is constructed in typical Buzz Bee fashion – the plastic is slightly thinner than for Nerf, but it’s well contoured, with plenty of textures. It feels plenty strong, with only minimal shell creaking. Overall, it’s better than previous $10 Buzz Bee blasters in terms of comfort.

Blaster usage is as you’d expect; pull the slide back to prime, return it, and press the trigger to fire. To reload, pull the priming handle back, then press the mag release button. Buzz Bee is still using their somewhat awkward button placement, but it’s admittedly something that, with use, you just get used to – and that actually gets easier to use with larger hands (you can grip the magazine and press the button with your thumb at the same time).

The blaster comes with an eight dart magazine and eight long-distance darts.


The Revolution puts up very good numbers for a stock blaster – I averaged 88fps with the included long distance darts, and 82fps with Nerf Elites. Rate of fire is slow, but plenty acceptable for a spring-powered blaster – I can consistently fire two darts per second. I didn’t have any feeding issues.


Of course, the typical power plant sits inside the shell. Buzz Bee has a unique affinity for moving plunger tubes, and the Revolution is no exception. Just be mindful of:

  • Two screws sit under a snap-on plate on the blaster handle
  • One plate snaps in place between the halves of the priming slide
  • The orange tip is solvent-welded in place

Otherwise, it’s a simple blaster to rip apart and put back together. If you wish to replace or add springs, however, you’ll likely need to add a washer or wide spring rest of some kind , with a 5/8″ inner diameter to fit over the existing spring rest.

Ending Thoughts

The Revolution doesn’t radically change the game for Buzz Bee, but it does make things more comfortable to use. That in itself is a revolution for the brand. Otherwise, it’s the strong, reliable, mag-fed springer you’d expect, and the perfect base blaster for getting into mag-fed springers.

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