Water Warriors Drench Force


Buss Bee Toys

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160mL per pump


Different from the usual soakers, and in a very good way.

Buzz Bee Water Warriors Drench Force Review

Earlier this year, I reviewed the Adventure Force Tsunami Drencher. It wasn’t a perfect blaster, but it was great for its designed purpose – quickly unloading water. If you’re older and stronger, however, I’d suggest the Drench Force (the original design) instead. I still see it at Dollar Generals and other places, and it’s the same $15 price. But for the same price, you get twice the capacity!

Big and Boxy

Buzz Bee didn’t mess around with the original design, opting for a simple blaster. At most, you get wave-like ridges in the molded plastic. Unlike the Tsunami Drencher, it just has a giant reservoir, without lots of styling. It’s similar in overall size; it just happens to be focused on maximizing reservoir space.

The Drench Force, in my testing, held about 66 fl oz of water. That’s slightly more than the advertised 60, but also just me being particular about filling the whole reservoir. 60 fl oz is accurate when it comes to casual use. Luckily, it’s a screw-on cap, so there’s no worries about any of that water coming back at you. The blaster will be top heavy, but the grip placement helps balance it.

The Drench Force design is peculiar in terms of handling. You’re pumping the rear handle with your dominant hand, holding the blaster in front of you. It makes aiming hard without practice, but when you’re dumping out 160mL of water each time, accuracy isn’t always necessary.

If you want to see how the internals work, just see the Tsunami Drencher review, as the mechanism is the same. Just remember that you have to fully extend and push forward the pump handle each time. That operates a flapper within the nose, which determines when the chamber can fill and when it can fire.

I found the Drench Force easier to grip than the Tsunami Drencher. The pump handle felt the same (and still has the fake trigger), with space for the fingers and smooth operation. Not the most comfortable handle to grab, but also not the worst.


The Drench Force unloads 160mL of water in every shot, which makes the large capacity even more important. The aim is still user-dependent; perfect shots will keep the water somewhat together, but early usage will result in a large target area due to your arm movement.

As for range, I was able to get 47′ of the claimed 51′ on the box (firing angled, of course). Stronger or steadier arms could likely get some water to the 51′ line,


As mentioned above, see the Tsunami Drencher review on how the internals work.


The Drench Force is an underrated blaster that needs to be on more shelves. The Tsunami Drencher may have been a fancy evolution of the design, but I prefer the original. More capacity, easy to grip, and enough capacity to let you dump 160mL many times before you need to reload. It’s the same price but with more capacity, so if you have to choose (and aren’t so small you can’t carry all the water around), go with the Drench Force.