Dart Zone Announces New Pro Blasters!

The article may be a bit late, but such is life working overtime!

Over the past three days, we’ve seen images, teaser videos, and more; at long last, Dart Zone unveiled their updates to the Dart Zone Pro line on social media. For traditional primaries, the DZP Mk1.2 updates the looks and functionality of the springer platform. The Mk2.1, meanwhile, goes slightly larger and trades the speedloaders for removable, grip-fed magazines. Both are due later this fall on Amazon. Let’s take a look!

Dart Zone Pro Mk2.1

Images of the new magazines leaked first, so let’s start here!

The 2.1 is a bit larger than its predecessor if Drac’s video concerning the new blasters and their presence at the upcoming DZP Tournament is any indication. Whether the plunger volume is any larger has yet to be revealed, but the overall blaster length shows that the barrel, at least, has been lengthened.

Most importantly, however, is the swap for removable magazines. Mag-in-grip blasters have existed in the hobbyist community for a few years, with straight and angled magazines; manufacturers making them is still relatively new (though many options are now available). Dart Zone clearly felt there was enough interest (as well as easier usage) to update the platform. The 2.1 still comes with a holster, barrel attachment, extra magazines, and belt storage. I would assume the eye protection shown is also included, but we’ll have to wait for more updates.

I enjoy using my Mk2, but speedloaders are certainly more cumbersome than actual magazines. I can only hope that between the larger size and longer barrel, the performance will be more on par with the rest of the line.

Dart Zone Pro Mk1.2

Dart Zone’s pump-action springer, meanwhile, sees a massive update! With stylings more in line with the Mk3, and several quality-of-life improvements to boot, it might be worth buying.

The most obvious updates are the stock (folding, adjustable length, and mounted via an NStrike-type mechanism) and the magazines. Gone are the original DZP mags and adapters. Now we’re using the same accessories as the Mk3 (and sharing compatibility with the various Adventure Force blasters, as well). The magazine does sit somewhat far forward from the main grip, compared to previous revisions. Between that and the lack of a buffer tube stock to store a long spring in, I imagine the internals have changed somewhat, as well. Tactical rails have been added to the sides, the takedown pins are merged into a single piece, and the grips are still rubberized. That the blaster comes with two short dart magazines and eye protection is a bonus.

All the blasters feature the new-style Bamboo darts.

If you want to take a peek at the videos and more pictures, check Dart Zone’s Instagram account, as well as the Youtube channel.

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    Meanwhile, Hasbro’s like, “half-length darts? Stefan? Worker? Uh, never heard of ’em… but here’s some gel thingamabobs, instead!”