Back From Turkey!

It was a fun little vacation for me – but mainly, I’m happy to have been able to see the wife a week early. She’d been gone for far too long.

I’ll just drop some pictures here. However, even on vacation, I did look at Nerf stuff. Including buying an Ultra Dorado, because where else am I going to get one?

Reviews incoming, and a mod for the Fortnite B-AR I found after landing back in the US!

Shelby Destroyer? What’s This?

Note: I’ve done my best to make sure all info is accurate. Pending clarification emails, things may change.

Edit: got an email clarification: speeds will be unlocked for all players, and subscription is just for quarterly ammo drop!

The beginning of July is seeing the release of many new blasters, and news on more. Nerf Roblox on Amazon? Check. The release of multiple Adventure Force blasters on Walmart’s site? Check.

Among all those standard releases, however, is a new blaster, from a new startup. The Shelby Destroyer, taken at face value, appears to push the “craft foam disc launcher” concept to the max, spitting out small foam discs at high rates of fire and in the 100+ fps range. But is it a destroyer of opponents, or just wallets? Let’s dive in before the Indiegogo campaign officially launches on June 29th!

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Game Report: The Return of Club Z13!

Author’s edit: as it has been pointed out to me, while we may have been operating under the notion of “we’re all vaccinated here, so masks are optional”, the Covid-19 delta variant (as well as delta plus) are quickly becoming the dominant strains workdwide, with the possibility of affecting vaccinated individuals. Please use caution in all public settings, and maintain vigilance when it comes to mask wearing and social distancing. Seems I need to not let my guard down so much, especially as there are plenty of unvaccinated out there I could still inadvertently affect.

The pandemic (and subsequent closure of Detroit Dart Club) left the local Humans v Zombies scene on life support over the past year. However, with life picking back up, and all attendees actually being vaccinated, games are back and more fun than ever – this time at a rented-out laser tag facility. I got the chance to drive up and play on June 19th, and it was as much fun as I remembered! Continue reading

Ryan’s Dart Tag Renegade Review

The previously reviewed Ryan’s World blasters, while unique in design, took heavy inspiration from the Xshot Reflex pistol. The Renegade, however, goes a step farther and simply copies the internals of the Turbo Advance!

Of course, that’s not a bad blaster to copy. But does the Renegade do it well enough to be worth buying?

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Ryan’s Dart Tag Ryan vs Combo Panda Pack Review

If you’re at all familiar with online influencers, you’ve probably heard of Ryan’s World; last I checked, Ryan Kaji ranked as the highest-paid Youtube star, making $30 million dollars. With licensing deals on toys, clothes, video games, and more, it was only a matter of time before “older” kids’ toys entered the fray, and blasters are a large market.

I managed to find all the blasters in the line at local Target stores (this line is exclusive there in the US). While I wasn’t expecting much, It turns out the line is actually quite good for the price, assuming you either love or don’t mind the Ryan motif present on everything. In the case of the Ryan vs Combo Panda kit,¬†a pair of high-performing revolvers for $20 is nothing to sneeze at!

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Adventure Force Monolith Review

Author’s note: this early review is thanks to a free sample sent by Dart Zone. Thanks for the blaster!

Monolith: something having a uniform, massive, redoubtable, or inflexible quality or character.

Does that fit this blaster? Is it a bastion of the blaster world, taking on all challengers? Not quite, but for the price, it’s pretty good.

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Nerf Hyper Siege-50 Review

On paper, the Siege-50 should be good. It’s a pump action, slam-fire blaster holding 50 rounds, and shaped for running and gunning. It fires the new Hyper ammo at the advertised velocities. And it’s the only Hyper blaster with a hop-up tab, so rounds should go straight, right?

Well, not everything is a winner. And despite what’s on paper, a lot of times the Siege just doesn’t work as advertised.

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