Nerf Ultra Four Review

Sometimes sales flukes happen. For example, last week Walmart accidentally had a few Ultra Fours for sale online, and I was able to snag one for myself! Yay early reviews!

The Ultra Four makes a strong performance in dart velocity. However, there’s still that nagging feeling that, ultimately, the Ultra Dart itself is holding the line back from greatness.

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Dart Zone Announces the Cornershot!

If you recall from last year, I noted how we here at Blasterhub do our best to report based on the information at hand, as opposed to leaks. That means either officially released info from the company/PR firm, finding the item on a shelf, or from some other outlet that’s public info, such as the US Patent and Trademark Office. One of the trademarks Prime Time Toys grabbed was “Cornershot”. Now, through social media, it’s revealed!

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Dart Zone Magnum X2 Superdrum Review

Dart Zone seems to like surprising us with new blasters. In this case, it’s not totally new, but it’s a great upgrade to an already stellar blaster. The original Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum was a $20 pistol with a forty-round drum feeding it (later versions made it removable); it also featured slam-fire and an awkward arm brace. Now we have the X2, which features not only a new angled foregrip, but a real, extendable stock and a redesigned drum. And it’s still the same price, exclusively at Target.

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Xero1Tec Tactical Takedown Kit Review

Last month, a friend asked if someone could print Xero1Tec’s Tactical Takedown kit for him, seeing as he didn’t have a 3d printer. I volunteered, and also ended up buying licenses to print parts for myself. I also had the added challenge of doing my first major set of prints in ABS. The end result, however, was nothing short of great; if you love the Takedown but dislike not being able to wield it like a “primary”, this kit fulfills all your needs!

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Throwback: Kenner Finger Pops Popper

Sometimes, you find little bits of blaster history on the internet. Or rather, someone directs you to them. Credit to Nerfmafia, one of the admins at Cincinnati Area Nerf Enthusiasts and member of the History of Nerf Modding Discord, found these on Ebay…in Greece. Being the patient person I am, I bought them anyway, knowing that shipping would be delayed by current world conditions. They’re here now, so let’s take a peek!

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Marshmallow Double Barrel Blaster Review

Author’s note: the folks at Zing were kind enough to send two blasters and ammo my way, for free, for review. Thanks!

It took me a while to determine how exactly to review this Marshmallow blaster. Coming from the Nerf side of things, I’m used to generally consistent blaster operation. One pump results in only so many darts being fired, etc. So when you get a blaster that can, depending on user input, possibly fire 1-5 things at once, it makes it hard to judge.

Eventually, I just accepted that was a sweet and silly toy, meant for kids and parents to chase each other with…and just had fun with it!

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Twilight Wheels Review

A while ago, I published a review concerning the first version of Daybreak wheels. Those have, of course, undergone a second revision, and have also sold well – to the point they’re out of stock. Enter a different variant from Drac, of all people, with Twilight wheels. Do they perform just as well? Testing points to yes.

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