Blasterhub Special: Visiting the Lanard Toys Warehouse

Every year, Lanard Toys holds a giant sale at their warehouse in Sugar Creek, MO (a suburb of Kansas City). In past years, I have always been busy with the holidays. This year, however, the sale started early – and when I had some time off work. So I got to do a solo road trip down memory lane, seeing not only NIC blasters of old, but other ones from around the world.

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Dart Zone Pro Mk2 Announced!

Hand it to Dart Zone to just drop news on us out of nowhere! Just like the Mk1.1 was announced at Toy Fair for immediate release (barring logistical issues on Target’s end), now the Mk2 is announced for December 2020! Not much is known on the actual blaster performance beyond the initial teaser trailer, but we know that it’s a short dart, top primed pistol with an internal magazine. It also has a speed loader! Presumably, the Pro darts are still here to stay, as well. Check out the video!

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Equalizer Review

Buzz Bee isn’t one to shy away from rebranding old blaster designs. In the case of the Equalizer, it’s reusing the design of The Walking: Dead Carl’s Revolver, and using different colors. It’s still a nice starter pistol, and more comfortable than some other Buzz Bee blasters. So if you find it in stores over the holidays, it might be a fun find for the kids.

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Turbine Review

Let’s be honest – the Elite 2.0 line hasn’t had the best start. Hasbro may have opted for easy-to-manufacture blasters, but doing so resulted in some nasty compromises. The blasters still perform well, but some of them (like the Phoenix) have things like painful mag releases.

Sadly, the Turbine shares this feature. Which is a shame, because otherwise, it might be the best of the line so far. Even so, it may have some mod potential if you manage to open the shell.

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Flywheel Cages Now Online!

Just a short update – a review on the Turbine itself will be up later this week! I’ve modeled and tested cages to fit in both of the electric Elite 2.0 blasters, and they’re available to download off of Thingiverse. 3d print as you see fit!

Nerf Elite 2.0 Phoenix Cage
Nerf Elite 2.0 Turbine Cage

Xshot Chaos Orbit Royale Edition Review

Zuru was able to get the Royale Meteors on Target shelves earlier this year, and now they’re carrying the Royale Orbit as well. Granted, it’s only online, and seems to go in and out of stock. Even so, it’s still a viable blaster like before, but it seems the improvements were to looks, not to function. If anything, you’re just paying extra for the gold paint scheme.

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