Xshot Dino Attack Blaster Line Review

Xshot blasters have always been at the low end of the budget, yet they’ve consistently had good performance. In addition, they’ve had some nice looking blasters; the Bug Attack line comes to mind. Now, they’ve traded one sub-line for another – Dino Attack – and Xshot not only has great blasters, but some of the best-looking blasters, period. They’re beautiful, useful, and you should grab at least one, if not more.

I’m doing things slightly differently – I’ll be reviewing the whole line in one shot, so as to highlight the main differences from previous blasters.

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Spamf Review

The Aeon Pro may be out, but it’s not the only short dart firing pistol out there. A year and a half ago, a modder from Singapore by the name of Gavinfuzzy released the Spamf; it’s a conversion of the Nerf Accustrike Falconfire into a magazine-fed, short dart pistol. As a 3d printed conversion kit, it’s more expensive than the Aeon Pro (be it in money spent, or time printing). Even so, the more compact nature and lower starting velocity makes for a uniquely versatile blaster.

A shoutout to Silverfox Industries for printing this conversion kit; while I had already purchased files to print one myself, I was busy with the Vortex FDL; I also wanted something extremely well printed compared to my work.

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Nerf Zombie Strike Contractor Review

This blaster appeared out of nowhere, showing up on the shelf at Meijer supermarkets without a word. It’s an interesting blaster, to say the least, but a bit expensive for what you actually get. Even so, it maintains the fun effects and styling you’d expect from Zombie Strike; if you care about play value as much as performance, it might be worth a look.

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Mod Project: Vortex FDL

While the FDL3 is a wonderful (if pricey) platform for Nerfing, I hadn’t bothered to buy or build one for quite a while. My hardware kit sat in the corner, unused. After all, I already had blasters that filled various roles in different game types just fine.

However, one thing has never really been produced: a small electronic Vortex blaster. The Nitron was large and unwieldy, and not something I’d use in PvP or HvZ games. Eventually, after seeing a brushless Vortex build on Reddit, I broke down and combined it with the FDL3 to make this dream blaster of mine, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had with a homemade blaster!

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Nerf Fortnite GL Review

One of the silliest and most exciting things at Toy Fair this year was the Fortnite GL. Sure, $60 is quite a price to pay for a Nerf blaster. However…it’s a giant missile launcher. It takes the beloved Demolisher rocket ammo type and turns it into a full loadout. Usefulness is questionable at best, but that’s hardly the point. What else allows you to fire six missiles one after the other?

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Woo! Free Stuff!

A big thanks to the people at Zing Toys and Hog Wild for sending boxes with free goodies to try out! I’m sure there’s going to be more things to happen in the future with these.

Also a shoutout for Dart Zone for the free Aeon Pro. Even if I had a friend in Canada send me one early. Just means I can do more testing!