A Nerf Nerf App? “Epic Pranks” Appears

Another thing I noticed in the news: a kids’ Nerf game for mobile devices. Hasbro has had their focus on “Bring Home the Fun” ever since the current pandemic broke out, encouraging play at home (in board games, Nerf activities, etc). However, digital games are no exception, and we now see the official release of a simple Nerf game, Nerf Epic Pranks! The first of several games to come in a partnership, it’s been in development for a while, and gets a wide release at a rather convenient time. Currently, only iOS devices are supported (Android coming soon).

For basic gameplay, watch a video here. You’re simply trying to tag friends to earn rewards and upgrade your blaster. Clearly realism isn’t an objective, if a Disruptor can fire that many darts without reloading 😛

Another Water Warriors Blaster? The Gargantua X

I’m going to be writing up reviews on quite a few soakers over the next week or two. But while I’m in the process of testing things…I came across this entry on Buzz Bee’s website, that briefly appeared at Toy Fair. More accurately, it was on one of the tables, but I assumed it was the old model Gargantua and ignored it. Oops.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Gargantua was a originally a pressurized blaster. It featured a small CPS-type rubber bladder that, while limited in size, gave nice power.

This latest iteration, however, seems to replace that mechanism completely with the “Steady Stream” style pump blaster mechanism. Granted, that seems to be a theme this year – two of their Walmart entries rely on the same thing. Still, it’s a bit disappointing that only the Outlaw remains on their site as the only current pressurized blaster.

I’ll try and get a hold of the Gargantua X whenever it shows up. Who knows, it might be comfortable to use!

Nerf Mega Accustrike Talon Review

Note: I did buy one at the store, but I also recently got one sent to me from Hasbro. Thanks! #freestuff #NerfNation

The Nerf Mega line started with a giant, if flawed, blaster called the Centurion. The Mega Accustrike series did the same, with the Thunderhawk; the giant “sniper” with the sliding barrel was fun, but not that good. However, in true Mega fashion, we’ve followed up with better blasters, in a similar order. For Mega, it was the Magnus and Bigshock. For Mega Accustrike, it was the Bulldog…and now the Talon.

Will you be missing anything if you already have a Bigshock? No. Is it a nice Mega pistol all the same? Yes.

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Nerf Alphastrike Hammerstorm Review

The Hammerstorm is an interesting anomaly. It’s part of the Alpha Strike line, but it’s clearly not constructed the same. The blaster is screwed together, not clipped. The handle is large and comfortable. There’s much more plastic than you’d expect. And you have eight shots in the cylinder, plus storage for eight more. As a result, it’s possibly the best blaster in the line so far.

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World’s Largest Mod Party – This Weekend!

As of 7pm Pacific Time, streams from Nerf personalities the world over will be going live, with viewers welcome to join in and share their mods in various outlets. After all, there has to be something fun for the community to do instead of getting cabin fever. If quarantines are going to keep us indoors, then we’ll just have to Nerf online!

Things will be going on all weekend; check the links for the official schedule! And be aware of some giveaways at the end!

Relevant links:

Nerf NStrike Elite Shellstrike Review

Note: another blaster I’m way behind on, since I’ve had it since January…

Last summer, the Trilogy made its debut, replacing the Sledgefire as the main “shotgun” of the Nerf line. It featured shell ejection and a brand new shell design, with decent power. However, it was also in a large format. Now we have the Shellstrike. It provides the “shotgun” function in a much smaller package. It may be weaker than the Trilogy, but it may also prove to be more useful for actual foam combat.

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Lanard Toys: What’s Going On in the Background?

Lanard Toys makes blasters. They’re not nearly as widespread as most of the other brands they compete with, but they do make gems here and there. Sometimes a blaster can be modded for NIC greatness (Triple Shot, Big Salvo, etc). Sometimes it’s great for cosplay purposes (Hunstman 50). Other times…it’s just something silly (Disney Zurg Blaster). There’s a few clunkers here and there, too. But Lanard blasters aren’t always seen in stores here in the United States, so sometimes you just have to wait for a website update to appear. This is one of those times.

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