Hasbro Fan Media Day Press Release: New Fortnite Nerf!

Before getting to the main post about the Nerf tour, let’s get the official pics and release out of the way. I’m trusting you can click a link and read the descriptions!

Nerf Fan Media Day Product Descriptions


Nerf Toy Fair 2020: All the Official Blasters!

As many of you may have already noticed, most of the press info has gone live across the board for the various Nerf products. Some have previously been disclosed (or already been released and reviewed), others not until now. For the sake of keeping it all in one place, we’re just going to make a massive post, with links to the various bits of info. Here we go!

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Classic Super Soakers Return!…Kinda

This is another announcement that isn’t a surprise, if you’ve spent decent amounts of time browsing the internet, or noticed things like official Stephen Curry Super Soaker-themed shoes. Even so, details have been sketchy up to this point. However, we now have a press release on the next line Hasbro is showing at Toy Fair, along with some nice details. They’re Target exclusives in the US. And they’re under $20!

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Sling Shot Review

Buzz Bee Toys isn’t a company that shies away from unique blaster experiences. Last year’s Blow Blaster was a fun toy for just $5. This spring, the Sling Shot provides a similarly unique experience for the same price point. Is it useful for a Nerf war? Debatable. Is it fun to use and perfect with practice? Definitely.

(So far, this appears to be a Dollar General exclusive)

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