Nerf Alpha Strike Announced – PR and Thoughts

Yesterday, all the info got released for the Alpha Strike Line. I’ll go ahead and list it all below, along with pictures. If, however, you prefer, you can just click this PDF link for a copy to read on your own.

In addition, if you want my thoughts on the line, you can see this video – Alpha Strike is clearly aimed at taking back the low-cost blaster market from brands like Xshot.

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Lots of Hobby News – Nerf, Dart Zone Pro Updates!

Lots of things happened overnight into Monday. I elected to watch things unfold for a bit, sleep, and then go to work – where more things were announced, and I saw it right as I went on break. If only I could make a living off of Nerf posts!

On the plus side, waiting a little bit means we can just gather more information. On we go!

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Nerf Mega Megalodon Review

Thanks to an Australian friend of mine who attended Endwar, I have one of these blasters on hand! As a fan of the Mega series, the Megalodon doesn’t disappoint – it launches Mega darts fairly rapidly, with respectable levels of power. More importantly, it does so for a good price. It’s a blaster I intend to use for many HvZ games to come.

Purchase here (affiliate link that supports the site)

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Endwar Summaries, Day Three – The Foam Pro Tour

The final day was full of fun, competitive Nerfing at Georgia Southern’s athletic fields. 16 teams went into the Foam Pro Tour, with two team emerging out of every group of four. After that, the final bracket was just single elimination (with a bronze match to boot). Team Dauntless ended up walking away the winners this year!

Assuming the brackets stay active, you can see the full bracket here!

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Endwar Summaries, Day One

Now that enough time has elapsed and life has settled down a bit, I have a chance to summarize my experiences at Endwar. Which are a bit different from the others, since I had moderator duties. But even then, it was a fun weekend!

Another advantage of waiting this long: I can highlight cool videos other people have made about Endwar!

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