Dart Zone Fall 16 Products

Dart Zone Covert Ops Fall 2016 Blaster Line Revealed

We’ve just finished participating in an exclusive reveal of the all-new line of fall, 2016 Dart Zone Covert Ops blasters before they’re made public, and there are lots of new details to share. We’ve seen the products, heard about the innovative features, and been treated to CGI-based demos of each model. This level of promotion is somewhat out-of-the-ordinary for Prime Time Toys, but it’s appropriate considering the effort they put into developing this all-new product line. And we’re happy to say: Dart Zone now has a blaster line-up that’s truly worth talking about!

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Nerf Elite Hyperfire | Review | Header

Review: Nerf Elite Hyperfire (21m Aus grey trigger)

The Nerf Elite Hyperfire is one of the more exciting releases this year, being a full auto blaster that is seemingly a replacement for the now hard-to-find Rapidstrike (in Australia at least). There are a lot of differences between the Rapidstrike and Hyperfire, and a lot left to like about the Rapidstrike. Can the Hyperfire live up to expectation?

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Nerf Game Report 19/6/16: Melbourne League of Foam

Today’s MLF event was quite a good one. We had a much higher than usual player count and so had some quite intense games. There were also more Rapidstrikes than usual this event. In this Nerf game report I’ll be going through the main blasters that saw use, the gametypes we played, and how the high player count and changed play area affected our games.

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Nerf Game Report 11/6/16: Melbourne HvZ

Despite some rain early in the day, today’s MHvZ event was quite good. We tried out some changes to standard Survival, and I got a lot of use with my Bullpup RS, with newly installed MTB Hellcats. In this Nerf game report I’ll be going through the main blasters that saw use and the gametypes we played, and in particular how they differ from previous events.

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Blaster Basics: Choosing Paints

Many of us Nerf enthusiasts love painting our blasters. We baby them, we give them TLC, we want to make them our own. It’s this little addition of flair that goes so far sometimes in making that first impression all the better. For many, that flair is a sense of realism or even a “post-apocalyptic” feel. For others, such as myself, the realm of whimsical toys may be where you dwell. I am of the opinion that there’s really no wrong paint style once we put our personal preferences aside. However, the end result hinges on choosing the right paints for the job. Following is a brief guide to making “good” choices for your next blaster painting project.

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Glow Show Sticker Launcher: Diamond in the Rough

Nerf. Buzz Bee. BOOMco. These and others are established brands that put out new blasters each year, many of them with great performance. Some blasters, however, are completely overshadowed by the big brands. They may be relegated to odd sections of the toy department, or may simply appear and disappear with little fanfare. The Glow Show Sticker Launcher by Moose Toys is one such product. Hiding among either the craft-type or science toys, it has spent over a year on shelves and is now being placed on clearance for as little as $8. Grab one while you can, because these fun blasters pack a punch!

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Nerf MEGA Mastodon Review

The Nerf MEGA Mastodon Review – Bigger IS Better

Edit: While WalcomS7 no longer writes for Blasterhub, we encourage you to view the content on his Youtube channel!

Ever since the Nerf MEGA line was released, things have gotten more interesting in the foam-flinging ecosystem. Big darts with bigger springs and bigger plungers for the biggest performance. The initial launch was rocky with the dart-chewing MEGA Centurion, but now things have finally settled with the line delivering a few promising blasters. With the first fully-automatic flywheel powered behemoth blaster in the line clocking in at $80, could the MEGA Mastodon be worth it? Well, the entire blaster could be summarized in one way: an unforgettable experience.

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