Nerf NStrike Elite Titan CS-50 Review

(This blaster was included as part of a larger, free care package from Hasbro. Thanks!)

The Titan is one of Nerf’s two big blasters for Fall 2019 (the other being the Rival Perses). It works decently well, provided you use the included drum or a newer magazine (aka one that isn’t old and worn). It has the minigun feel to it, complete with giant spinning barrel and top-mounted carry handles. It’s also completely impractical. In the end, you’re paying $100 for a giant hunk of unwieldy plastic – one that is essentially a Hyperfire with a giant drum attached. And I’m just not sure the “movie experience” of carrying the heavy weapon is worth the price, in this case.

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Apocalypse 2019 – The Hyperstrike!

One of the special things about Apocalypse is the variety of things allowed. Being an annual war from back in the days of classic NIC play, high fps blasters are allowed, as are a wide variety of things like Zing bows. As such, I brought one of my Hyperstrike bows and a bunch of arrows. Which ended up working well, because most of my other normal “war blasters” broke. Turns out the Hyperstrike is a ton of fun to use, given a proper setting to use it.

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Trying the Dart Zone Pro!

First of the posts after going to Apocalypse 2019 (that yearly NIC war out in New Jersey) belongs to the Dart Zone Pro. Drac stopped by and played, with the Dart Zone Pro in hand, before traveling to points beyond. And from the short time seeing it in action and handling it, I can say I’m sold.

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D-Dart Tempest Review

The D-Dart Tempest was one of the most unique things on display at Toy Fair. A handheld gauntlet blaster that features full auto and 28 darts? Based purely on that, you’d expect a great blaster. The reality isn’t quite so great. It’s certainly not bad – far from it. But, given a few key issues, you may want to think about it before buying it (currently available at Target).

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Dart Zone Destructor Review

Dart Zone is on a roll this season. They typically make good blasters for a decent price, but they seem to have outdone themselves this season. They have the semi-auto Savage Spin at Walmart. Meanwhile, at Target, they have the full-auto Destructor, a minigun-style blaster that feeds darts from a hopper. It’s the Commandfire, but made even better. It still has small hangups that come with using a dart hopper, but it’s a blaster worth checking out.

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Adventure Force Savage Spin Review

It’s not often that I give a blaster top ratings. But there’s no way around it: as sold, the Adventure Force Savage Spin is an amazing blaster in every way. Incredible fps for a stock blaster. High rate of fire for a semi-auto blaster. Compact, comfortable. It’s this year’s HvZ starter kit – as long as you’re willing to break the mold and operate without magazines, that is.

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