Adventure Force Power Raider Review

The last of our trio of pressurized water blaster reviews focuses on a Buzz Bee Toys-produced blaster. The Power Raider features a large reservoir, separate pressure chamber, and a red dot sight that fits recent Buzz Bee blaster rails. However, there’s a flaw that keeps the Power Raider from achieving greatness, unless you feel like opening it up and correcting it.

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2018 fall nerf blasters

Fall 2018 Nerf Blasters Revealed at NYTF18

The biggest toy event is here once again, which means lots of new blaster reveals from Nerf and other popular toy blaster brands. Just like every other year, Hasbro has put on quite a show, with many welcoming surprises. Some of the items displayed at the Toy Fair, that haven’t previously been revealed include the Elite Deltatrooper, Zombiestrike Ripchain, Modulus Ghost Ops Chronobarrel and etc. Continue reading for official images, pricing and descriptions for the upcoming 2018 Fall Nerf Blasters.

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Tidal Storm Battle Monster Review

The next pressurized water blaster up for review is the Battle Monster, made by Prime Time Toys and available exclusively at Target. It’s made to operate as a standalone blaster, but can also be powered by a garden hose. More importantly, it does both well.

This sample was provided to me. Big thanks to Prime Time Toys!

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Xshot Pressure Jet Review

Before all the secondhand news from Toy Fair kicks in, I thought I’d try to get out some reviews of the newest pressurized water blasters this season. Hasbro is content with piston-type blasters for the Super Soaker line; this leaves smaller competitors the chance to shine with high-performance, budget-friendly blasters. In the case of Zuru, that means the Xshot Pressure Jet.

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Weekend News Update: Accelerator Issues & New Water Blasters

News doesn’t pause for the weekend. New blasters get announced, wars happen, and weird things come on the radar. First up is an update on the Adventure Force Accelerator, and then some new water blasters that are coming on shelves and may be worth your attention.

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Nerf Rival Prometheus & Hades Press Release!

As expected, this time of year is full of new product announcements, spread out among various media outlets, followed by general press releases. Today, Popular Mechanics showed off the newest blasters in the Rival Phantom Corps line. I’ll list the official press releases, and the my thoughts.

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