Adventure Force Commandfire Review

The Commandfire is a new blaster in many ways. Produced under Walmart’s branding by Prime Time Toys, it doesn’t bring much to the table aesthetically. But it boasts a dart hopper, eliminating the need for magazines. It features fully automatic firing, and comes with lots of accurate ammunition. It’s a blaster I’ve had for several weeks now, but hadn’t been able to truly utilize until a recent Humans v Zombies game. Now that that’s done, I have a review to post.

It should be noted that after I began writing this review, a sample box including this blaster and many others I’ve bought actually arrived. Since the money’s already been spent for buying and reviewing blasters…I guess Prime Time Toys will be unofficially sponsoring an HvZ event in the near future. At least the recipients won’t be disappointed!

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Demolisher Review

Buzz Bee Toys produces many fine blasters for a fraction of the Nerf price. They also tend to produce lots of “gimmick” blasters, some more usable than others. The Air Warriors Demolisher is one of those blasters. It’s fully automatic, magazine fed…and fired by pulling on the rear handle. It’s a silly way to use a blaster, but I can’t help but love it. At the very least, it’s a nice kid-sized “minigun” with decent performance.

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Adventure Force Night Attack Review

The Night Attack is another addition to the Adventure Force line this fall, coming from Buzz Bee Toys. Featuring both magazine compatibility and a rail-mounted flashlight, this pistol is a bit long in its dimensions. The flashlight is also fairly useless. The pistol itself, however, packs a nice punch.

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Adventure Force Crossbow Review

Among the newest blasters on Walmart shelves this year is a crossbow under the Adventure Force brand. It’s not technically new; it originally existed as a crossbow under Buzz Bee Toys’ Walking Dead line. However, I never found time to review that blaster. And that’s a shame, because these crossbows perform far better than most stock blasters on the market, even if they’re clearly sized for children,

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Covert Squad Review

Buzz Bee Toys is starting to see their products from Toy Fair 2018 hit shelves, including the Air Warriors Covert Squad blasters. These two single shot, bolt-action blasters feature short-range walkie talkies in their stocks, allowing partners to communicate with one another. The blasters themselves are decent blasters, derived directly from the Predator/Alpha Rogue from last year. The walkie talkies, meanwhile, aren’t of the best quality. If you buy these, don’t do so for the electronics.

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Xshot Xcess (2018) Review

Zuru has been doing a steady overhaul of the Xshot line, featuring improved but older blasters as well as new models. They’ve also been doing them in a really nice white and blue color scheme. The line as a whole has improved, and Zuru deserves lots of credit for stepping up in the blaster arena.

One of the newest blasters is a replacement for an old one, the Xcess. The new blaster shell features improved functionality, better dart compatibility, and a much better aesthetic, to the point that it’s my new favorite spring-powered pistol.

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