Dart Zone Titan


Prime Time Toys

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90fps average

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Three darts per second


Sometimes less is more.

Dart Zone Titan Review

The Titan isn’t a new design – Prime Time Toys previously produced it as the Adventure Force Light Command, for $25 at Walmart. In this case, it’s simply a newer version, minus the extra circuits for lights. It also comes with the newer “Waffle-style” darts that PTT has been using. For $20, it’s a great deal for a fully automatic dart blaster – as long as you don’t mind using chains instead of magazines.

Less Glow, but Less Dough

The Titan retails for $20 at Target, as opposed to the original $25 for the Light Command at Walmart. It comes without any of the light circuitry, instead opting for a simple on/off switch for the entire blaster. All formerly translucent parts are now opaque. The blue/green/grey color scheme puts it more in line with other blasters in the Dart Zone collection. Operation is otherwise the same as the Light Command.

The bigger deal is the inclusion of the “Waffle” style darts that Prime Time Toys has been pushing, included previously in the Adventure Force Commandfire¬†as well as in its own packaging. These darts are a large step up in accuracy from the previous dart version, with few (if any) tradeoffs.

The inside of the Titan is the same as before (minus the lights of course). You still have a full-auto system spitting darts out at roughly three per second. The flywheel motors still spit out darts at 90fps. In my case, however, the flywheels didn’t seem to be pressed down onto the shaft all the way. This resulted in the first run of shots all going to the right – the dart was making contact at the very bottom edge of the wheels, instead of farther up. Opening the blaster and finishing pressing down the wheels fixed this issue. It’s something to keep an eye on, at least.

Otherwise, performance was the same. Dart Zone is fond of their chain blasters, making it an issue of personal taste for those who would rather use magazines. Of course, you could always string chains together…


My thoughts here are largely the same as before: the Titan works wonderfully as a two handed “assault blaster”, firing darts quickly and accurately. The blaster is still comfortable to use, its just in a different color scheme. There aren’t any lights this time, just more accurate darts. And with the prices of blasters seemingly going up everywhere else, it’s hard to not say that it’s worth the $20.


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