Nerf News: The Stryfe Returns! – Modulus Stryfe found on

Reddit user ‘Willmenx’ has stumbled across a new Stryfe blaster on Along with the new Modulus colour scheme, the re-released blaster also includes the original Modulus grip and the Ion-Fire’s barrel, as well as six modulus darts and a six-dart magazine.

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Review: Buzz Bee Eradicator (15m)

The Buzz Bee Eradicator is a recolour of the new and predominantly blue Tactical Storm. It is a modular mag fed blaster, not dissimilar in design to the older Champion/Ultra Tek 8. Given the excellence of that particular blaster, I was rather excited to give this new iteration a test.

Disclaimer: This blaster was sent to me by Buzz Bee Toys for review. I will do my best to ensure that the review remains as objective and unbiased as possible.

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Boomco Lives! News on the Halo Blaster Line

Thanks to @Halo_gen2 on Instagram, we have new info on this holiday season for the Boomco line.

The Blaze of Glory, a pump action, clip fed blaster, will be out in November for $34.99 at Toysrus, the starting home for most Halo blasters. In addition, a new blue version of the MA5 assault rifle will be exclusive to Amazon. As you may recall, Amazon also carried the blue version of the Rapid Madness when it first came out.

Along with the blasters, a new helmet/camera mount will be available at Gamestop, for those wanting to pretend they’re actually Master Chief. Previously, Gamestop carried the light-up Plasma Sword.

No word yet on camera compatibility, although some kind of Gopro mount would make sense.

This has me excited, as Boomco fans like myself have been wanting a pump-action springer since the line first arrived. My Flipbow has worked wonderfully for HvZ games, but the Blaze of Glory would easily replace it in my loadout.


Nerf News: Update on Modulus Mediator XL Attachments

Despite only being revealed on the web just a couple of days ago, YouTuber, Hartley Ju Nerf, has once again managed to get his hands on an unreleased blaster – the Modulus Mediator. Not only do we get a good look at the blaster and its internals but also a close look at the Mediator’s other attachments.

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