Air Warriors Sling Shot


Buzz Bee Toys

Avg. Price:

$5 (Dollar General exclusive?)



Rate of Fire:

One dart every three seconds


A silly, fun blaster for only a few dollars.

Buzz Bee Air Warriors Sling Shot Review

Buzz Bee Toys isn’t a company that shies away from unique blaster experiences. Last year’s Blow Blaster was a fun toy for just $5. This spring, the Sling Shot provides a similarly unique experience for the same price point. Is it useful for a Nerf war? Debatable. Is it fun to use and perfect with practice? Definitely.

(So far, this appears to be a Dollar General exclusive)

No Spring Required

The Sling Shot is, appropriately, powered by a small length of rubber tubing. The tubing hooks onto the back of the plunger to store the energy. Also as expected, it’s a pull and release blaster. No triggers anywhere.

The entire unit is solvent-welded together; a single screw on the back of the plunger serves to attach part of the T-handle.

In the package, the entire blaster sits flat against the cardboard backing. Once out, you can rotate it, and it will index into the proper position.

The blaster holds one dart at a time, but it comes with six Long Distance darts.


The Sling Shot is admittedly hard to chronograph. However, after a bit of practice on the release, I could easily hit 70fps, which was unexpected. I’ll leave that as the range number for now.

Being what it is, the rate of fire isn’t high, just one dart every three seconds.

Accuracy will suffer at first, but with practice, you can launch darts where you want to. Generally speaking, at least. Given the large body with the plunger mounted on top, you end up exerting some torque that must be compensated. For a little kid, aiming accurately may be difficult.


As I said, this blaster is solvent-welded together and it isn’t meant to be opened up. Doesn’t stop me from sacrificing one for science.

Turns out the Sling Shot is a reverse plunger design! It’s not as common to see these days, but in single-shot blasters, it’s still effective. After all, since the barrel sits inside the moving plunger tube, there isn’t any “dead space” to speak of. The plunger tube is roughly 25mm across inside.

Final Opinion

The Air Warriors Sling Shot is a fun addition for a younger Nerfer’s collection, or for anyone that wants to try a unique blaster. If you’re looking for an effective blaster for wars, this probably isn’t for you. Then again, you could just be like me and use everything at wars, regardless of effectiveness.

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  • Mongoose Jake

    Nice review Brian, and yes this is 100% a DG exclusive, confirmed by Buzz Bee when I chatted with them.