Xshot FaZe Respawn



Avg. Price:

$15 Target Exclusive


92fps average

Rate of Fire:

Two balls per second


A great looking blaster with esports fan appeal, but still the same Meteor.

Xshot Faze Respawn Blaster Review

Xshot’s Chaos series of ball blasters has stagnated a bit. After the first appearance in 2019, Xshot has proceeded to release them in different versions, with the Royale Edition in 2020 and now a FaZe Clan promotional version in 2022. The new versions now feature clear plastic shells with red highlights, which makes for a great look. Even so, one has to wonder when actual “new” blaster will be coming out.

Playing Games

For those not in the know, FaZe Clan is a major esports organization, competing in video games ranging from Call of Duty to FIFA to Rocket League. Presumably due to their popularity, Zuru was interested in a FaZe-themed series of blasters (similar to the Ninja-themed blasters a few years ago). The result is two Chaos blasters, now in clear plastic with red internals and accents.

I had “help” retrieving ammo…

The Respawn is, for our purposes, another Xshot Chaos Meteor. It has a six ball internal magazine, which sits in front of the main grip. Loading the blaster occurs by pulling down the follower, pushing balls through it, then pressing a button on the magazine to release the follower once more. Pulling back on the priming handle opens the breech and compresses the plunger spring. Once you push that handle forward, pull the trigger to fire. The blaster still feels comfortable in hand.

Following previous Chaos releases, a sheet of decorative stickers is included.


While the box claims up to 100fps ball velocities, the average with the included ammo was about 92fps. Slightly higher speeds were achieved with Nerf Rival ammo, however.

More notable (compared to past releases) is the actual ranges. Past Chaos blasters have had issues with effective hop-up, leading to balls diving or going off in other directions. The shots out of my Respawn were far more consistent than past Meteors. That’s a good sign. I hope the same can be said for the Ragequit, when I finally get my hands on it.

I won’t bother posting internal pictures, as the blaster hasn’t reallly changed.

Last Thoughts

The Respawn looks great, performs as expected, and runs for about the same price as the Royale Edition Meteor. And I can’t blame Zuru for releasing different versions of the blaster every other year, especially if they still sell. That strategy or recoloring blasters is nothing new, after all. Even so, we’re approaching three years since the debut of the Chaos series at Toy Fair. The blaster is cool, and I’m glad I bought one, but now I’m just hoping to see a new design or two, just to keep the line fresh.

At the very least, Zuru, that mystery button and tab at the bottom of the magazine is still there. Maybe you could finally release that reloading system you always intended to have?

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