Nerf Zombiestrike Dreadbolt Review

The Dreadbolt is an odd entry for Nerf’s 2017 Fall lineup. Until now, nearly all of the “arrow” blasters have been in the Rebelle line, fired almost exclusively from bows. The flight characteristics weren’t perfect, but they worked well enough. They also took advantage of the bow craze that happened alongside movies such as The Hunger Games. Now, however, most Rebelle blasters have been phased out, with arrow launchers largely gone.

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Wilderness Explorers Talon Mini-Blaster

Not all blasters can be winners. Take, for instance, the Talon. It has several things going for it. A unique color scheme, official Boy Scouts of America branding, and a rather cartoonish take on “real steel” for its shell. What it lacks is the MEGA POWER it claims on the box. Needless to say, if you don’t care about the Boy Scout branding, there’s not much reason to buy this blaster.

I should note that I saw this blaster at Toy Fair 2017, where it was featured in the Kid Galaxy booth. It didn’t improve between then and now.

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Nerf Rival Nemesis Review

Here we are, a month away from the official release of Nerf’s fall lineup. Many new blasters have appeared, but none with quite so much hype as the Nemesis. Perhaps the ultimate evolution of the Rival line, it meshes the foam blaster and paintball worlds together in a full-auto, hopper fed package. The Nemesis also demands a hefty price tag of $99 here in the United States. Luckily, it’s worth every cent.

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Leaked Nerf News: Star Wars Captain Phasma Blaster

UPDATE: More images of the Captain Phasma blaster have emerged! Scroll down to see more images.

Wow! Another day of leaked Nerf News. This time we’ll be looking at a new Star Wars Nerf blaster from The Force Awakens. A baidu user, known as ‘longtuoai’, has posted several pictures of an unreleased Nerf Glowstrike Captain Phasma blaster. From the box we can see that the blaster features the following:

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Endwar and Foamcon: THE FIRST DAY

Blastercore, setting up to show off their afterburner kit. MAKE DEPLOYS GREAT AGAIN!


In this corner of the arena…Clownie Nerf and Rob Lehr, aka Trollin Tony

VladTheNerfNeko and friends hanging out

Naptown Nerf and Blono Nerf, in fierce competition for more visitors. Since they’re both near the door, I’ll call it a draw.

A rep from Prime Time toys/Dart Zone, showing off the upcoming models for this fall!


Jay Nerf, entertaining the masses

Alice-Coatduck. I hung out at her table for the day, and brought a bunch of the 2017 Nerf blasters for people to play with in person.

FoamBlast and Ammo Counter

Oh look, a bunch of famous Nerf people!

Greetings from a very large gathering of Nerf and HvZ enthusiasts! I’m going to be busy catching up with friends, running from the horde, etc.But in the meantime I’ll try to document the happenings! It’s been a blast so far (groan) and this weekend is going to be lots of fun.

Although I’m questioning this guy saying we should attend a meeting at 12:01am tonight, when official gameplay is in effect. I think he just wants my brains…