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Star Wars: Rogue One Nerf Blaster Line-Up

Unless you’ve been living in a galaxy far, faaaar away, you know Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be hitting theaters very soon. Naturally, Hasbro has prepped a slew of licensed toys in time for the premiere, which happens to include various products featuring the Nerf brand in some form. And just as naturally, Nerf fans may have some interest in a few of the Star Wars Rogue One Nerf blasters about to hit store shelves.

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Nerf Wars and Teamwork

Gameplay Video: Nerf Wars and Teamwork

With the growth of our hobby over the last few years, people are starting to look at playing with toy blasters a bit differently. Where the basic idea used to be plinking around the house with friends and generally just goofing off with blasters, there are now large, well-organized Nerf battles all over the country. With those larger games come more organized game types like king of the hill, capture the flag, flux, and many more that I look forward to showing all of you in the future. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with goofing around at home with Nerf blasters (I know I still do), there’s another level of fun added when you get a large group of people together for a game and you work toward a common objective. In this first article from my Nerf war footage series, we’ll explore the concept of teamwork on the battlefield.

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Cyclonic | Header

Review: Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Cyclonic (22m/72ft EU)

Spinning barrels are always an enticing feature of blasters. Regardless of how impractical they are, they’re just plain cool. The Buzz Bee Ultra-Tek Cyclonic promised spinning barrels along with full-auto flywheeling which, as seen with the Ultra-Tek Brute, we know the company can do reasonably well. I was rather excited, therefore, to receive a Cyclonic with the hope that it, like the Brute, could be used as a budget, full-auto flywheeler.

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Nerf Game Report 13/8/16: Melbourne HvZ

Today’s MHvZ event was pretty good. I was able to test out several of my newly completed semi auto flywheelers. We also had quite a high player count, which made for some pretty good games. We also saw the return of Defence Survival. In this Nerf Game Report, I’ll be going through the main blasters that saw use, the gametypes we played and, in particular, how the new gamemode “Blombies” turned out.

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Buzz Bee Ruff Stuff Light Up Sword Review

Toy melee weapons: they’re seen more often in LARP (Live Action Role Play) settings than in Nerf wars, and aren’t usually an effective tool. Nevertheless, they make for a fun addition to wars, and they are sometimes useful. So, while not strictly blaster-related, it’s worth taking a look at one of the latest entries in the melee category to see how it compares to the toy weapons we’re used to seeing.

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Review: Prime Time Toys 2016 Spring-Powered Blasters

At the end of June, Blaster Hub was able to release info on the new Prime Time Toys blasters for 2016. In a clear bid to eat away at Hasbro’s shelf space, all the new blasters were available at competitive price points and claimed ranges of up to 80 feet. Now that August is here, stores are beginning to set these toys on shelves, especially at Target and Walmart. Are they worth adding to your arsenal? The answer would seem to be yes!

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