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Review: Super Soaker Double Drench

The Double Drench is short, stout and destructive!

Super Soaker, the brand that many active pre-teens of the mid- 90’s grew up with, has delivered again with its more than formidable ‘Double Drench.’ Don’t let its stocky appearance full you, it packs a punch and scores well. The Double Drench answers the call for a short but reliable, twin barreled, close quarters weapon. While limited in some of its capabilities (i.e range and accuracy) the Double Drench fits the mold of its real world counterpart, the double-barreled Shot Gun.

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Media Gallery Now Available to Easily Browse all our Images!

Looking to see what images we have available through all our posting? We recently added a media gallery, that will go through and load all images used on our site for you to easily browse through. Maybe even find something that you didn’t know we had before? The functionality for browsing is pretty basic as of now, and will need to expand further as the site grows, but is a quick solution to get an overview of the images we have used. Another surprise that the gallery offers is, a sneak peak at images on posts currently being worked on! This way you can get a glimpse into what new stuff is coming up!

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Mod: Bullpup Nerf Rapidstrike

My Bullpup Rapidstrike is my pride and joy, my primary blaster and probably my best mod. It combines the incredible performance of an overhauled Rapidstrike with the form factor of a slightly beefed up Rayven. Since it is such an important blaster to me, I thought it would be the most appropriate first mod post.

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Review: Buzz Bee Air Max Tyrant

Part of Buzz Bee’s moves against Nerf’s dominance has been to get into the Mega business. The one aspect of Mega blasting that Nerf has failed to impact on is clip (mag)-based Megas, since their only clip (mag) Mega, the Centurion, was heavily flawed on release. Buzz Bee has jumped into the Mega game led by their clip (mag) fed flagship, the Tyrant. Coming with a 12 dart Mega clip (mag) and a range claim of 80ft, does the Tyrant have what it takes to challenge Nerf’s Megas?

Full Tyrant set.

Full Tyrant set.

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Colossus 2 - Water Warriors - Buzz Bee Review

Review: Water Warriors Colossus 2

A colossal name, but an average water blaster.

The Colossus 2, a Water Warriors original and sequel to its first-generation ‘Colossus,’ is colossal in stature, but our experts found little to “write home about” with its overall functionality, sustainability and features. The Colossus 2, engineered by the Buzz Bee line of water soakers, a parent to the Water Warriors series, has a good upside but too many questions left our team unsure of its performance down the road.

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Dart Zone Powerbolt Belt Blaster - Header

Review: Dart Zone Powerbolt Belt Blaster

The Powerbolt Belt Blaster is a fun, high capacity blast. And it looks sweet!

After using the Covert Ops Scorpion from Dart Zone, and loving every second of it, I couldn’t help but want to get my hands on the Powerbolt Belt Blaster! Just by looking at it quick, it looks like a version 2 of the Scorpion, but with a pump action shooting instead of motor based. While the pump action may require more work, and have less accurate shots over a distance, on the upside it does offer more of a stealth approach then the Scorpion, making it more fitting of the “Covert Ops” name. But despite this, is that enough to offset that it’s accuracy is below par to what we would expect?

From Dart Zone:

The Powerbolt Belt Blaster fires 18 foam darts up to 80 feet! This rapid-fire blaster uses handle pump-action to blast super darts fast and far. The Powerbolt Belt Blaster comes with 2 ammo belts and 36 Super Darts. Includes:

  • 1 Powerbolt Belt Blaster
  • 36 Super Darts
  • 2 Ammo-Belts
  • Shoots up to 80 feet
  • Great for ages 8+
  • Sold exclusively at Target & Target.com.

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Lego Video Game Weapons - Header

Please don’t bring these LEGO blasters to a Nerf fight!

Why go the traditional route when choosing your blaster? With all the possibilities out there, for some just going to the store and buying the top selling item is not enough, which is why there are tons of modders! And we thank you all for the great work you have done! However, for some, even just mods aren’t enough, they have to re-invent the wheel… or uh… blaster. In this case, “ZaziNombies”, who is an expert with LEGO creations, has a hobby of recreating items from popular video games, like the Fallout Fat Man, the Destiny Telesto, and many more. Most of these items use a few thousand pieces, their sizes are to-scale (which can be pretty large), are decently weighted for just little plastic pieces, and are incredibly creative. LEGO really can be used to create anything. Okay, stop all the praise already, let’s just see the work already!

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