Less than Three Weeks to New York Toy Fair!

This is just a short sweet post announcing that I have the incredible opportunity this year to go to New York for Toy Fair and see many of the new things coming out! And there are so many things – all the recent Nerf leaks, plus today’s official Wired article release of the Accustrike Raptorstrike, Mega Twinshock, and the Modulus Regulator. I know for a fact I’ll be at the presentation for Buzz Bee Toys’ 2017 lineup. And I’ll be wandering through the exhibits, finding both the exciting and the odd. There are such things as Marshmallow Blasters and Stomp Rockets and Zing Bows, after all!

I probably won’t be the first person to get a hold of anything, but I’ll do my best to be the most informative!

Buzz Bee Jaguar Review: a New Breed of Blaster

We’ve seen companies make alterations to blasters on the market, and we’ve seen brand new versions. For example, Hasbro remade many old Nstrike blasters in their creation of the Nstrike Elite line. We’ve also seen Elite blasters recolored and labeled “Elite XD”, with supposedly greater ranges (spoiler: they didn’t).

Now, Buzz Bee Toys has a new version of the Jaguar appearing on store shelves. It claims to be an Ultra Tek blaster, with ranges to match. But is it a redesign, or a marketing stunt? All indications signal the former! Continue reading

Nerf News: Rival Nemesis – It’s Official!

The Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K has now officially been revealed to Popular Mechanics and one of their writers even got to try one out!  Although most information regarding the Nemesis was already known, due to the leaks, there are some other key details about this blaster you may like to know.

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Blaster Trademark Updates – It’s a Long List!

As we approach Toy Fair and the many new products to be revealed, let’s first do some basic online research and see what information is already available. There are, of course, products whose existence has been leaked online and already been reported – see our recent post concerning the Mega Twinshock. Today’s post, however, will be based more on good old database searching and online sleuthing skills!

Generally speaking, most info can be found at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Nerf News: Unreleased MEGA Twinshock

YouTube Nerf reviewer, ‘Hartley Ju Nerf’ has recently filmed a super early review of the MEGA Twinshock. How he got his hands on the unreleased blaster, we have no clue – but as suggested by WalcomS7, it’s most likely a leaked sample for the upcoming New York Toy Fair. The Toy Fair is only in one month’s time so we’ll see if we’re correct or not. Hartley Ju states that the blaster will be available in 2018 but I’m sure we’ll see it in stores before then, possibly this summer for the northern hemisphere. Continue reading