Nerf Doomlands | Desolator

Review: Nerf Doomlands Desolator (US orange trigger)

The Desolator is one of the blasters in Doomlands’ subtheme, Impact Zone. This subtheme features a primarily white colour scheme, in contrast with regular Doomlands’ primarily yellow/orange colour scheme. The Desolator is often compared to the cheaper and simpler Elite Stryfe, as both are compact semi-auto flywheelers. Being compared to the Stryfe is by no means a bad thing however, as the Stryfe is one of the best and most popular modern blasters. Being compared to a great blaster is one thing, living up to expectations is another. Does the Desolator live up to its expectations?

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Nerf Zombiestrike Outbreaker Bow Review

I must admit, seeing the Outbreaker-Bow first announced on Snapchat, didn’t excite me all that much as it appeared to be just another unoriginal, gimmicky blaster. Now that I’ve got my hands on the Out-Breaker Bow, let’s see if it can possibly offer more than just being another revolver blaster.

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Farewell Header

Former Editor Leaves the Nerf Scene

Friends, readers and acquaintances, this will be my final post as Editor of Blaster Hub. While I have no doubt the uniquely varied contributions of the Blaster Hub team will allow it to remain one of the world’s most-read sources for all things Nerf, I will be retiring from active involvement with this or any other blaster-related website. I wanted to take a few moments to explain my departure and express my gratitude for your years of support.

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Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike | Header

Review: Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike (Aus grey trigger)

While the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike isn’t the first Elite-era blaster to fire multiple ammo types, it is the first blaster to fire three different ammo types. Firing attachments were one of my biggest hopes for the Modulus line, so the Tri-Strike was one of the most exciting releases for me this year. I did wait a little for the price to drop from its initial release price, but I was very excited to pick one up for myself.

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Newisland New Island Vest and Darts

New Dart Blasting Accessories from Newisland

I was recently contacted by Newisland, a blaster brand that is not particularly well-known in the west, but has nonetheless generated some buzz for their quirky Alloy Transformable Toys Dinosaur Series Toy Blasters. I’ve seen the Newisland blasters, but always assumed they were designed primarily for children, so I didn’t give them much thought. But now I’m told they had a new type of dart and tactical vest designed for older players. Newisland, you have my attention.

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