Holiday Contest Note

Small point of order, before more posts go up – I was originally planning on one more week of giving things away. However, I am going to be running around everywhere the next two weeks between holidays, work, and trying to move things back home. As such, I’m concerning myself just with dropping current winners off at the post office. That last week of giveaways will happen…when it happens. That’s just the way it is!


Nerf Fortnite SMG-E Review

It’s supposed to come out at the beginning of 2020. However, supply chains being like they are, sometimes things arrive early. To that end, we have the Fortnite SMG-E. It is, at the most basic level, a Stryfe. Even so, for $30 it’s also an inexpensive one, if you don’t mind ditching compatibility with accessories. Also, being goofy and useful gets point in my book.

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Nerf Challenge Review

I usually review blasters and the like, not actual events. However, since Hasbro has partnered with Kilburn Live to make the Nerf Challenge event, it seemed like a good thing to write about after experiencing.

To be clear, I did have an invite to the earlier media party at the LA Nerf Challenge – I simply couldn’t make it due to my regular job. However, thanks to some really cheap overnight flights, I was able to spend a few hours experiencing the Nerf Challenge as a customer. Is it something worth flying to? Probably not; I’m just weird like that, and it’s a touring event anyway. Should you try it if it’s nearby? Possibly. It will be a fun time, but it all depends on what you’re looking for and willing to pay.

See the official website here.

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Blasterhub Holiday Giveaway – Week 4!

It’s Week 4 of our holiday giveaways! And we’re going slightly sillier this week. I said it was based on the things I’d had the most fun with, after all!

As always, here are the rules:

  1. Please be a United States resident old enough to actually use Facebook as per their terms of service.
  2. Just leave a post on the corresponding Facebook Contest post!
  3. Two winners will be chosen at random from all comments made before 11:59pm EST on Thursday, December 12th. Winners will be promptly announced.
  4. I will message the winners for their contact information, put the blasters in the mail, and provide the tracking numbers.

This week, we have two Unicorn Power Poppers! They’re not the best blasters in the world, for obvious reasons. But they’re so silly and fun to use, it’s hard not to like them.

Little Tikes Makes Mighty Blasters? Who Knew?

This was an odd thing to see before leaving for the weekend. It appears there are soft-shooting, oversized blasters for toddlers, courtesy of Little Tikes! They only advertise 12′ ranges. That being said…I somehow still want them, and I’m 30 years old. More below. (Website Link)

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Buzz Bee Air Warriors Agitator Review

Buzz Bee has made a habit of producing inexpensive clip-fed blasters. This includes longer formats like the Agitator (or its Walmart equivalent, the Adventure Force Frantic Fury – the same thing in a slightly different shell). The Agitator makes some nice improvements over the previous Thermal Hunter and Interceptor, making for a solid stock loaner at the very least.

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Clownie Nerf’s Holiday Toy Drive (Win a Perses!)

My schedule is quickly stacking up, so I thought I’d highlight a fun, annual event from one of the statesmen of the classic NIC.

As per usual, Clownie Nerf is doing a toy drive, and the rules are easy.

  1. Don’t have to be subscribed to the Youtube channel, etc.
  2. Donate an unwrapped NEW IN BOX toy to a charity (not a thrift store). Each toy is an entry to win.
  3. Post a picture of you doing so on the Facebook Page/link ( Or, send it to his Instagram, or
  4. Contest is open world wide.

There are two Perses up for grabs, if you really need the incentive! See the video below.