Nerf Zombie Strike Alternator Review

Blasters like the Alternator make reviews hard to do. They’re specialty blasters that can do multiple things, so you have to do your best to judge the sum of the parts. Luckily, the Alternator performs well given its unique setup. That, combined with the cute junkyard aesthetic, makes for a fun blaster to start off the Zombie Strike line in 2020.

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New Dart Zone Blaster Names?

This is a short stub of an article, admittedly. But worth it, since we’re approaching Toy Fair and potential new things to see. As of the beginning of the month, two new names appeared under trademark filings for Easebon Services Limited (the company that holds Prime Time Toys, if my understanding is correct).

As far as blasters go, Annihilator and Aeon Pro sound cool. We will see what blasters the names end up paired with, whether it’s at Toy Fair or at a later date (say, for example, at a booth at Foamcon during Endwar).

Adventure Force Double Fire Review

Buzz Bee Toys has been updating older blasters for the modern era. The Tommy 20 led to the Powermech, for example. Now, sold under Walmart’s Adventure Force line, we have the Double Fire. It succeeds the shell-fed Double Shot of old, while keeping similar style internals. It does, however, make for easier loading and better performance, if you’re a fan of the break-action play style. And at $10, it’s not a bad deal, either.

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Adventure Force Water Strike Typhoon Cannon Review

With the middle of January comes the arrival of the “spring” toys, including Super Soakers and the like. Admittedly, I have less use for water blasters than dart blasters. But they’re still related, and I find myself interested regardless. As such, I ordered the Typhoon Cannon as soon as it appeared online for purchase. Among the current selections, it’s a solid choice, especially if you’re looking for fast refills and endurance,

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Dart Zone Ballistix Ops Apex Review

Author’s note: This blaster was sent to me free of charge for review. Thanks, Prime Time Toys!

The revolver format is a staple of the hobby; the NStrike Maverick is possibly the most iconic blaster ever made. That trend continued with the Elite Strongarm (and to a lesser extent the Disruptor). Mega had it with the Cycloneshock. When it came to Rival, however, the revolver never appeared. Is a revolver the best use of the ammo? Debatable, considering the various magazines and hoppers you can use with Rival-type ammo. Is it still a fun kind of blaster, regardless of ammo type? You bet it is!

Now Dart Zone has started 2020 with that long-missing blaster, in the form of the Apex. And it’s as fun (and good) as you’d expect it to be, for a great price.

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Adventure Force Water Strike Press Release

Hey look! Someone in the industry sent a free thing! Info, in this case.

Now that the spring toys are appearing, we’re also seeing the various press releases! This time, it’s information from Prime Time Toys, the people behind Dart Zone, as well as various other branded dart and water blasters. Thanks for sending me the tidbits! It’s better than haphazardly gathering info from retailers.

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Nerf Rival Overwatch Soldier 76 Blaster Review

The Rival Overwatch series has to juggle being both a prop (for game fans and cosplay) and a functional Nerf blaster. Sometimes, the balance works, with items like the D.Va Blaster being both close to the in-game model and decently good for battle. Other times, it just doesn’t work as well. The Soldier 76 blaster falls under the latter category. It’s a great looking prop, but performance is severely hampered, and the blaster is simply uncomfortable to use. It may be a great prop, but it’s not a great blaster. Such is the problem you sometimes encounter translating video game models to real life.

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